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Grease Lightning:Campus Cutie of the Day, Catherine Emond aka Sandy

Name: Catherine Emond

Character: Sandy             

Class: 2017

Hometown:  Marblehead, MA

Major/ Minor: Marketing / Communications


HC: What are your other involvements on campus?

CE: Alpha Omicron Pi, Student Ambassadors, and I’m a Writing Consultant at ACE


HC: What roles have you played in the past (if any)?

CE: Bird Girl #3 was really my breakout role, in my 7th grade rendition of Godspell – however I have dabbled in many more chorus positions in the past.


HC: Who is your biggest inspiration as an actor?

CE: I used to say Dakota Fanning because I believed as a young child that I was extremely talented and was going to be discovered at one of my many productions – however, as time has gone on I have had to reevaluate so… Amy Poehler.

HC: What is your favorite thing about this cast?

CE:Somehow they believe I’m talented enough to play Sandy & also they know the entire “Hamilton” soundtrack which I am obsessed with. (Seriously though, this cast is so extremely talented it’s just a joy being around them)


HC: What is your dream acting role?

CE: Hosting “Weekend Update” on SNL


HC: Are you more of a T-Bird or a Pink Lady?

CE: I’m more of a good girl transfer student who really wants to be a Pink Lady but nobody likes her enough to give her a jacket


HC: Are you more of a sweet Sandy or a tough and cool Sandy?

CE: I’m more of an awkward too scared to get her ears pierced Sandy.. so we’ll go with sweet.

HC: What is your favorite scene in Grease?

CE: My favorite scene is probably the sleepover scene, because I was so obsessed with this movie as a young girl that I actually know every word to it. Also, I find everything everyone else says in it hilarious (everyone other than me, of course)


HC: What is your favorite line in Grease?

CE:“Sandy, where are you going? You can’t just walk out of a drive in!!”


HC: What is your favorite song in the musical?

CE: Summer Nights, like duh.


HC: Which of your cast mates is most like the character that they’re portraying on stage?

CE: Devyn Oakes is so hilarious and believeable as Kenickie it scares me (in the whole actually going to college to get a degree and also actually a nice person way)

Grease will be preformed in Janikies on April 1st and 2nd at 7pm, as well as April 3rd at 2pm! Tickets will be for sale in the Roto this week for a discounted price, or can be purchased here! Tickets will also be available at the door! Please come out and support The Bryant Players!
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