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Go-To Restaurants for Parents Weekend

Parents Weekend is upon us, Bulldogs!

Our parents are most likely not familiar with the surrounding area, so it’s up to us to bring them somewhere good for dinner because, on Parents Weekend, Salmo and cooking are a no-go! We’ve done our research (yes, maybe we have tried almost all of these) and have come up with some of the best local places to grab a bite to eat with the ‘rents!



Condesa Resaurante Mexicano – 970 Douglas Pike, Smithfield RI ($$)

A nice balance between casual and more upscale. They have a vast menu that includes our Mexican favorites and some new, authentic options when you want to expand your horizons. We recommend the guacamole!


Italian / Pizza

Siena – 400 Putnam Pike, Smithfield RI ($$$)

Create your own antipasti board at Siena! They offer a wide array of meats and cheeses, in addition to typical Italian dinner dishes.


Trattoria Romana – 3 Wake Robin Road, Lincoln RI ($$)

All we have to say is: SO GOOD. We recommend the Mozzarella Caprese as an appetizer and any of their pasta dishes for dinner!


Giuseppe’s Pizzeria and Bistro – 19 Smith Avenue, Greenville RI ($$)

A more limited menu, but their pizza is without a doubt great. We’re huge fans of their white pizza!


Terrazza – 645 Douglas Pike, Smithfield RI ($$)

Terrazza has options other than Italian food, so it’s a great place to bring the whole family! From buffalo chicken dip to seafood risotto and bolognese, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy.


Our Personal Favorite for Italian: Tavolo Wine Bar & Tuscan Grille – 970 Douglas Pike, Smithfield RI ($$$)

Get their fried risotto balls…trust us, just do it. Make sure to call ahead to put your name in, the wait can get long!


Our Personal Favorite for Pizza: Pizzeria Romana – 3 Wake Robin Road, Lincoln RI ($$)

They have options besides pizza, but their pizza is TO DIE FOR. Our absolute favorite is their Pizza Corina or Pizza Bianca. 


Asian Cuisine

Asia Grille – 622 George Washington Highway, Lincoln RI ($$)

A great place to go for a huge menu of different Asian cuisine! Definitely a place where you can try something new.


Student Favorite: Yamato Hibachi and Sushi – 375 Putnam Pike, Smithfield RI ($$)

Bryant students go to Yamato allll the time. We love their chicken hibachi and you can never go wrong with their sushi. The price is just right, too! Honestly, it’s a no-brainer. 


Family Restaurants & Pubs

A Parent Classic: Blackie’s Bulldog Tavern – 280 George Washington Highway, Smithfield RI ($$)

This is probably the most well-known restaurant around Bryant. They just changed locations and offer so many unique dishes. The menu changes frequently so make sure to check before you go! Whatever you get there will definitely be great. 

Pro Tip: CALL AHEAD. It’s become so popular and it’s absolutely necessary to make a reservation in advance!

Chili’s Bar and Grill – 622 George Washington Highway, Lincoln RI ($$)

Just your normal Chili’s, but a solid choice nonetheless. 


Student Favorite: Laura’s Bar and Grill – 945 Douglas Pike, Smithfield RI ($$)

Ahh, Laura’s. Bryant students love Laura’s. It’s a great sports bar vibe that parents who like a more casual, American food atmosphere will love! The price is right and the food is great. We recommend their bone-in buffalo wings!

Also, Laura’s is right down the road from campus and directly in front of the hotel, where a lot of parents will stay at which makes it even better!


We hope this article gave you some good ideas about where to take your parents this upcoming weekend! Enjoy the football game and time with your family, Bulldogs!


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