Go-To Hairstyles for When You're in a Time Crunch

*Ring, ring* Oh snap, it’s your alarm. Tired, and in a hurry, you try to make yourself look the slightest bit put together for that 8am class. Here are some hairstyles that can help you look put together even if you don’t necessarily feel that way.

  1. 1. The Parted Pony

    So you’re tired, and don’t feel like doing much with your hair...but a regular ponytail won’t cut it. Part your hair, to the middle or side and add a little gel or hairspray to keep the flyways to a minimum. Wear this look low or high and add a scrunchie or a bow for an easy way to make it look more put together. If you have some extra time, you can curl the ends. Simple fix!

  2. 2. The Half Up, Half Down Man Bun

    What a great go-to style! Your hair can be straight, wavy, or curly for this look. Simply take a section from the crown of your head, and create a miniature messy bun, low or high up on your head! The great thing is, the messier the bun, the cuter the look, so having no time is no problem. Leaving a few loose strands to frame the face can add a nice touch to your look.

  3. 3. The Half & Half Space Buns

    This is a combination of the steps taken in looks 1 & 2. First, you part the hair down the center. Take two equal, but smaller sections from the top of the head and pull them back into small, high ponytails. Next, backcomb each smaller section to add some volume before creating your messy space buns. Add some hairspray here if you would like. Very loosely, twist the hair around the elastic and use another small elastic to tie in place, leaving some extra strands hanging out. Using hairspray and bobby pins, position these extra strands to cover any awkward spaces in your space buns.

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