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Get Rid of Your Old Prom Dress

Prom is one of the highlights of high school, an event we begin searching for a dress for months in advance only to wear one night and most likely never again.  We all have dresses hanging hopelessly in the back of our closets when we know there’s likely nowhere we’ll wear it again.  For those fortunate enough to have been able to get a dress we loved this special event, we often overlook struggles that many girls have due to the expensive nature of this night.  Girls everywhere miss out on the fun for economic reasons, and all of us have the power to help!

A trend is sweeping the nation, often referred to as “Cinderella’s Closet,” where a group organizes a collection of prom dresses and holds an event where girls, who might not otherwise have the opportunity, are able to come and “shop” for a dress.  Girls are able to take one dress for no charge as all the dresses have been donated.  It is a great opportunity for girls to make a difference in their community, recycle those beautiful dresses and put huge smiles on the faces of so many girls! It’s one of the most rewarding, fun, and fashion forward community service events around!

Bryant University have joined in this effort for the past few years. The Bryant University Fashion Forum teamed up with the Wesley United Methodist Church, Blackstone Valley Advocacy Organization, and the Woodland Community Center in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.  They reached out to the Bryant Community, advertising the collection, so girls could donate their dresses.  They received much help from faculty who donated dresses of their own or their daughters!  Advertisements were placed at the high schools in the area where a gorgeous gown would be a dream come true.  The event will take place Wednesday, April 17th and Thursday, April 18th from 2-4 at the Woodland Community Center in Pawtucket.  Students from Bryant will be helping the girls try on the dresses to find “the dress” among the hundreds that have been collected.

Any questions about how to run one of these events in your area or want to help out? Comment below!

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