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Formal Recruitment 101: Meet the Rho Gammas!

Here at Her Campus, we know there are a lot of girls who are interested in joining Greek life and going through formal recruitment. 

(See our article on formal recruitment for more information on the info sessions)

The Rho Gamma’s are a great resource to come to if you ever have any questions during the formal recruitment process. Her Campus talked to all eight of this year’s Rho Gamma’s and talked all things Greek life! 

Here are what they had to say:


Sabrina Barron

HC: Why did you want to become a Rho Gamma?

SB: I wanted to be a Rho Gamma because I felt that from this experience I would learn to appreciate the Greek community even more. I also felt like I could be a great role model, especially so as I would be the Potential New Member’s (PNM’s) first impression of Greek Life and be able to connect with them on a different level. I am also looking forward to creating strong bonds with the other Rho Gammas who I do not get to see as often as I wish! 


HC: Why should someone go Greek?

SB: Somebody should go Greek if they are looking to build lifelong, strong connections with not only their potential sorority sisters but also their Panhellenic sisters. You get to be a part of a huge, diverse community that values friendship and giving back to others and that is something really special!



Kayla Bauerlein

HC: Why did you want to become a Rho Gamma? 

KB: I became a Rho Gamma because I want to help PNMs calmly go through formal recruitment! It can feel like a stressful experience, but I want the girls to have fun and be as calm as possible!


HC: What is your favorite part of Formal Recruitment?

KB: I enjoy when the girls get to “run home” to their new chapters. It is such an exciting experience to see them all being welcomed by their new sisters!



Nicole Johnston

HC: What is your favorite part of Formal Recruitment?

NJ: My favorite part of formal recruitment is meeting new people. Whether they ended up in my chapter or not, I have been able to make life-long friends in all chapters simply because of meeting girls during the recruitment weekend! 


HC: Why should someone go Greek?

NJ: I chose to join Greek life because I knew I wanted to get involved on campus but I never knew what I really wanted to do. Seeing my friends and other people in my grade go through formal recruitment really inspired me to consider joining.

After joining Greek life, I have been given countless opportunities: leadership positions, participating in philanthropy events, expanding my network, working and bonding with other chapters, and more. Joining Greek life at Bryant has given me everything I could have asked for and more! 



Kaitlyn Manghirmalani

HC: Why did you want to become a Rho Gamma?

KM: I wanted to become a Rho Gamma to help girls find their home and be someone that they can look to for advice.


HC: Why should someone go Greek?

KM: Someone should go Greek to meet new people on campus and become apart of an organization where they can make a difference. Also, it gives them an opportunity to join a close-knit community.



Komal Pandit

HC: Why did you want to become a Rho Gamma?

KP: I want to help as many girls as possible find their home. My Rho Gammas were a really positive support system for me. They were always there when I wanted to talk after visiting a sorority or to follow-up with me during the process to see how I was feeling.

They were even willing to sit with me for an hour to discuss what it took to help me make a final decision about where I want to call my home, so I end up where I truly belong. I will be forever grateful for their support and kindness throughout the whole process, which is why I became a Rho Gamma so I could do the same thing for incoming freshmen going through formal recruitment.

I hope to be a supportive role model and help relieve any anxiety/stress about the process in order to make formal recruitment fun! 


HC: What is your favorite part of Formal Recruitment?

KP: My favorite part of recruitment was meeting each sorority and learning more about their values and beliefs each day. Meeting the girls I may potentially call my sisters and building connections with them through shared interests helped me figure out what I knew would be the best place to call my “home“.

During recruitment I was also lucky enough to become friends with other girls going through the same process as me other than my best friends, and I’m still in touch with them even though we ended up in separate sororities. This is why I encourage everyone to go into the process with an open mind, for all Greek life is interconnected, and you will still be friends with girls that aren’t in your sorority!



Sandra Salamanca

HC: Why did you want to become a Rho Gamma?

SS: I wanted to become a Rho Gamma because the recruitment process was very stressful for me. I constantly relied on my Rho Gamma as a shoulder to lean on and guide me, and I wanted to be that person for the next generation of Greek girls!


HC: Why should someone go Greek?

SS: Girls should go Greek because Bryant University has a higher ratio of boys than girls, making it difficult to find a strong support network of like-minded women. Going Greek provides a sisterhood network of kind, supportive women who lift each other up and bond while supporting causes greater than themselves. 



Zoie Spinnler

HC: What is your favorite part of Formal Recruitment?

ZS: My favorite part about Formal Recruitment is being able to meet so many strong women and seeing everyone run home to their sisters!


HC: Why should someone go Greek?

ZS: Someone should go Greek because it allows you to be apart of a tight-knit community at Bryant. Going Greek gives you so many opportunities to meet individuals with the same values as you. It also allows you to go out of your comfort zone and find your forever friends.



Milli Vibert

HC: Why did you want to become a Rho Gamma?

MV: This will be my second year as a Rho Gamma, and I decided to do it again because of how rewarding an experience it is. Formal Recruitment is such an exciting way for PNMs to enter Greek life here at Bryant and I love being able to support other girls as they find their homes!


HC: What is your favorite part of Formal Recruitment?

MV: My favorite part of Formal Recruitment is Sisterhood Day (Friday)!

I love hearing PNMs talk about all of the conversations they had with each chapter and it brings me back to when I went through formal recruitment. It’s so much fun for PNMs to meet each chapter and get to know all of their personalities. 


Stay tuned for more articles on Formal Recruitment as we get closer! This is such an exciting, yet stressful, time and Her Campus wants to be there to help you along the way!



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All photos were provided by the girls themselves. Cover created and provided by Siobhan Moisan. 


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