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A First Timer’s Guide to Rentes and Effins

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Whether you’re new to the Bryant campus or new to the 21 club, we’ve got the “how-to” on the top two places to get your drink on in town!


Rule #1: call it Rentes. This local bar and restaurant is just feet away from the Bryant campus and everyone’s go to for a weekday drink. You can find most of campus here on Tuesday nights and Bryant’s Greek Life here on Wednesday nights. Each night they have $2 draft specials and $5 well drinks (not every drink, but drinks like gin and tonics, vodka sodas, and dirty shirleys). Some other popular drinks include Long Islands, Grateful Deads, and Rum Punches. If you’re not a big drinker or are the DD for the night, be sure to indulge on the free popcorn (yes, we said FREE), and treat yourself to half priced apps from 9pm – closing. Some of our top picks of their half priced app menu includes: cheese fries, mozz sticks, and the nachos (just to name a few).

Pro tip: if you’re looking for a chill night or you’re not a heavy drinker, they now sell bottles of Mike’s Hards and Angry Orchards! Rentes is the ideal spot to celebrate any occasion, especially birthdays, because of its close proximity to campus and the fact that they serve Tollhouse cookie pies (a must have!). While it may seem like a treck to walk down to Rentes if you can’t find a ride, the walk is always worth it because you’ll finally be able to take that globe pic and cross that off your Bryant bucket list. Overall, Rentes has that chill, bar atmosphere featuring live music most nights and televises major sports games. For daily updates be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter!



Also known as “The Last Resort”. Here you’ll find a majority of Bryants’ campus on Thursday nights! Combine together a DJ, stage, dance floor, and $5 drinks (most drinks), and you’ve got the Smithfield’s version of a club. This local hot spot is the definition of LIT on Thursday nights – if you get there before 10:30 you’ll avoid a small $3 cover charge. Other classic features of Effins include a pool (and yes, people have jumped in it before) and their famous $1 slices of pizzas. Effins is home to the annual Kentucky Derby party every spring semester, so be sure to follow them on Facebook for updates and specials. The only downside to celebrating #ThirstyThursdays at Effins is the struggle of finding a ride home. Be smart, plan ahead with your friends and use Uber, Lyft, or have a DD.

Pro tip: to avoid surge prices and to guarantee finding an Uber/ Lyft nearby, leave 5-10 minutes earlier to beat the rush!