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The First Lady of Bryant- Kati Machtley

Name: Kati Machtley
Role at Bryant: First Lady

HC: How many years have you, and your husband, President Machtley been working with Bryant University?

KM: We have been at Bryant University since 1996, and are starting our 17th year here.

HC: Can you explain to all of our HerCampus readers about Bryant’s Women’s Summit?

KM: This will be the 16th Women’s Summit and I have been the chair/director since its inception. The theme for the Women’s Summit this year is Aspire. Achieve. Advance. The Women’s Summit will be held on March 14, 2013 this year.

The mission of the Women’s Summit is to inspire, empower, and educate women so that they can excel and advance professionally and personally in order to attain or maintain economic stability. Networking is another important aspect of the Women’s Summit, and often mentoring relationships occur. It is hoped that those who attend the Women’s Summit will also provide leadership in their communities and beyond.
There are 3 nationally known keynote speakers, 1 power plenary speaker, and 20 different breakout sessions throughout the day. There is a catered luncheon and a networking reception at the end of the day.

1000 women register for the Women’s Summit each year. Bryant University undergraduate students can attend for only $10.00 each. Bryant University Faculty and Staff also volunteer to support all aspects of the Women’s Summit.

Many business and professional women attend from the Southeastern New England area and work for major companies, banks and law firms in the region. We also have entrepreneurs, and budding entrepreneurs, as well as those who are trying to figure out what they want to do next in their careers.

There are 3 co chairs who meet with me all year long in order to plan and execute the Women’s Summit. These 3 women have worked together with me from the very first Women’s Summit. I could not organize and run the Women’s Summit without them.
They are as follows:

  • Judy Clare, Director, The Amica Center for Career Education
  • Betty Powers, Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Mary Moroney, Director of the Douglas and Judith Krupp Library.

The Women’s Summit promotes diversity, communication, entrepreneurship, leadership, health and wellness, financial empowerment, marketing of yourself and your business, networking, and many other professional and personal development topics.

There is a lot of energy at the Women’s Summit, and many of our speakers who are authors also autograph their books after they speak.

It is a great day, and all who attend this dynamic conference are motivated and empowered at the end of the day.

HC: What is your favorite part about being involved with the Women’s Summit?

KM: My favorite part of the Women’s Summit is the entire day of The Women’s Summit when everything comes together to form a wonderful educationally enriching experience for all who attend. When I walk in the door of the Wellness Center, and it is filled with our generous sponsors, excited attendees, and hundreds of smiling Bryant Volunteers then I know that we are ready for a great day.

HC: Anything else that you are involved in at Bryant?

KM: In addition to being the Director of the Women’s Summit, I taught Foundations for Learning to our Bryant University Freshmen for 5 years with President Machtley.

I have been the co founder and the Chair of the Interfaith Prayer Breakfast for the past 16 years. The Interfaith Prayer Breakfast is held each February and is modeled after the National Prayer Breakfast that is held in Washington, DC each year.

I have also been a leader in the SIE Italy trip for 3 years. In addition to participating in the seminars, I have accompanied students all over Italy for 2 weeks each year.

I am the advisor for the Big Sisters of Bryant and attend many athletic events and student productions on campus.  I also host 2000 students, faculty, staff, and outside guests at the Callahan House for lunches, dinners, receptions, and picnics each year. I plan and organize each event with the help of the great staff in the President’s Office, the Development Office, our Sodexho Food Service and an outside caterer.

I enjoy my interaction with students and often meet with them individually. I mentor several students especially those who work with me on The Women’s Summit. I am always open to helping out in whatever way possible on the Bryant University Campus.

HC: What is your favorite Bryant memory?

KM: That is a great question. I have had so many great memories that range from helping a nervous freshman find his classroom to watching all of our great students perform in plays, concerts, athletic events, speaking competitions, e-pitches, and honors seminars. My motto is, The Bryant Student’s Success Is My Reward!!


Devon is a senior at Bryant University.  As a Marketing and Communications major, Her Campus is everything that Devon loves. Her hometown of Rutland, Vermont is where she was born and raised.  She attended Philadelphia University for her freshmen year of college as a Fashion Industry Management major, but discovered her true passion was the business aspect of the fashio industry, leading her to transfer to a nationally ranked business school, Bryant University.  Devon is the co-president of the Her Campus chapter at Bryant and is also a Research Assistant in the school's Office of Planning and Institutional Research.  You will see Devon on campus organizing HC events, running around finishing projects, or hanging out with her friends.  Devon's passions include: writing, dance, the ocean, and spending time with the people she loves.  
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