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My favorite genre of music is country because I love how personal the songs are and how much meaning they have behind them. I also like how relaxing the songs are to listen to. I find that when studying I put on country music. Here is a list of some of my favorite country songs.  

  • Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw: This song is about a man finding out that his father is dying. His father’s message is to live life to the fullest. This song has a lot of meaning because when this song was released Tim McGraw’s father was dying. It’s very personal to him and you can hear it in the lyrics.
  • Life Changes by Thomas Rhett: This song is about his life from going to college, to getting married and starting a family. 
  • Lady by Brett Young: In this song, Brett Young writes about his daughter and wife. This song has a lot of meaning because it is also about his life and story.
Hi, I'm Tracey a senior finance major at Bryant University!!