Favorite Coffee K-Cups

Some people have to start their mornings with a big hot cup ‘o joe. While you may want to hit up Starbucks or Dunkin, your wallet may not want you to. It is cheaper if you brew your own coffee at home and you can use a reusable cup to help save the environment. A lot of people have Keurig machines because it is great if you are making coffee for just one person. We will be highlighting our favorite K-Cups that we drink to kick-start our days! If you prefer iced coffee, brew your coffee at night, put it in the fridge and it will be nice and cold when you wake up! Just add some ice cubes and your choice of milk or dairy-free alternative and sweetener.

1. Green Mountain Dark Magic

If you like a dark roast coffee, this K-Cup is for you. Its flavor is rich and powerful, giving you an intense cup of coffee.

2. Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice

Quit spending $5 on a Pumpkin Spice Latte when you can make the coffee equivalent at home. We love the taste of this coffee with its richness and pumpkin goodness.

3. Andes Mint Chocolate Coffee

This tastes like a combination of coffee and hot chocolate. You may not need sugar because of its sweetness but it is not overly sweet.

4. Victor Allen French Roast

Another dark roast favorite that has a smooth body and aroma. We love the mixture of this coffee with almond milk for a delicious morning drink.

5. New England Coffee French Vanilla

If you are a fan of French Vanilla, then you will love this! The vanilla adds sweetness and makes you want to savor every sip until the last drop.