Everyday Items You Should Clean

We all know the basic items we should clean- electronics, sheets, and your living space. There are some items that you may forget to clean or didn’t know you had to clean.


1. Reusable Grocery Bags

This article was inspired by a Trader Joe’s employee who was telling one of our HC members that some people come into the store with gross reusable bags. Some of the bags she has seen have had mold or stains or are wet. That is pretty gross if you are putting your food in them! Either wipe them down or put them in the washing machine after every couple of uses or after a spill!


2. Hairbrush

Your hair brush can have a lot of product build up in it. You can soak it in a bowl of water with some dish soap and then scrub it clean.


3. Lamp switches/chains

You probably touch your lamp every day but never think to clean it. There are probably a lot of germs on it so use a sanitizing wipe on it every so often!


4. Keys

Your keys touch a lot of surfaces. You should clean them once a month to get rid of germs.


5. Headphones

If you wear your headphones every day and don’t clean them, they are probably not that clean. Follow the care instructions provided by the company and clean them a few times a month.