Easy Townhouse Meals

Adjusting from having a meal plan to cooking for ourselves in a townhouse has been a challenge. While cooking can be fun, it can also quickly lead to a disaster or take up too much time. We have been testing out recipes all semester long so we wanted to share them to help with your cooking and give you some inspiration. Enjoy! 

Sheet Pan Dinner 

This is a great recipe for meal prep! You can make this on Monday and eat it throughout the week. It only requires one sheet pan so clean up will be nice and easy. Feel free to switch this up with your favorite vegetables! 

Pesto Angel Hair with Roasted Red Peppers 

No recipe is needed for this dish! Just make angel hair (or your favorite pasta) according to the box and when drained, add store-bought pesto and roasted red peppers! Yum! 

Chicken Drumsticks with Garlic Noodles and Green Beans

We used this recipe for chicken drumsticks which was very delicious! We made garlic noodles by cooking egg noddles, melting butter, and sauteing garlic. Just be careful because garlic can burn easily. The green beans were frozen and we boiled them according to the directions on the bag. 


Homemade pizza is so fun and easy to make! We took a short cut by buying store bought pizza crust but if you have the time and energy, feel free to roll out your own dough. We made a classic pepperoni and cheese pizza and added some Italian seasoning to the sauce for extra flavor. Follow the baking instructions on the crust package and you will have a great pizza at home! 

Bean Soup 

A bowl of hot soup in the wintertime is a great treat. This soup is so easy to make and doesn't require too many ingredients. You will have leftovers to last throughout the week!