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Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Everyone wants to have an eye popping costume, but they are wayyyy overpriced for something you wear once.  Here are some easy DIY costumes if you’re on a budget (like most college students) or if you’re crafty! 

1. Princess
Every girl’s dream is to be a princess, so why not be royalty for a night!? Choose which princess you wish to be, then match the outfit accordingly.  For example, for Cinderella wear a corset and add a tutu, a choker and some gloves. For Snow White you could wear a strapless bodysuit, a tutu, and a headband with a bow hot glued to the side of it.  For Jasmine you could wear a bralette, matching tutu, and use fabric or a bandan to make a headband.

2. Superheros

This outfit is cute and comfy! Wear a superhero shirt (if you don’t have one borrow one from a friend), add a matching tutu, and wear spandex or legging underneath!  Top the whole outfit off with sneakers or Converse. 

3. Thing 1 & Thing 2
This costume is one of the easiest to make!  Wear a red or blue tank top and match it with a red tutu (wear spandex underneath)! On printer paper draw a “1” or “2” with a sharpie (or print out a “1” or “2″) and tape it to your tank top. You can wear red leggings or, like the picture, add knee-high socks and cut the bottoms off to wear it with flip flops. Hot glue feather on the flip flop straps.  You can wear a blue wig, or add temporary blue hair coloring if you’re going all-out.

4. TY Beanie Babies

Spice up your basic white girl animal costume and be a beanie baby!  So simple, just create whatever animal you want to be for Halloween (cat, mouse, bee, zebra etc.) then out of construction paper create the TY logo.  You can then tape the logo to your person, or make a hole punch at the top and attach string to wear the logo as a long neckless.

5. Ninja Turtles

Wear a green sports bra, bralette, or tank top and match it with a green tutu (again, wear spandex underneath!).  For the turtle shell, use an aluminum turkey cover, which you can paint if you’re feeling crafty. Pick your favorite ninja turtle and use fabric strips for a headband, belt, and around your elbows and knees. Use body paint to paint your stomach. Throw some knee-high socks and sneakers on and you’re good to go fight crime!  

6. Victoria’s Secret Angles

Want to look sexy, but not too revealing? This is the perfect look for you!  Wear a super cute bralette, and buy a pink robe at Walmart for under $10! You can bedazzle the back of the robe with angle wings, and wear black heals to top off this look.  Put some curls in your hair to make this look more dramatic.

7. 90’s Themed

OOOHHHHH the 90’s, what a time it was. There are so many possibilities you can assemble! Wear anything bright, any wild pattern, vests, leggings, covers, bodysuits, the list goes on and on, and the best part is it doesn’t even have to match!  Throw up your hair in a schrunchie and slay the night away.

8. Regina George from Mean Girls 

Use any old tank top, cut holes in it, and wear a bright colored bra underneath.  Match this look with jeans, or leggings.  This look will not take more than five minutes to assemble, and no hassle!

9. Clueless

First outfit: wear a yellow plaid shirt and a white tank top topped off with a matching yellow cardigan. Then wear white knee-high socks and black shoes. Second outfit: wear a grey plaid shirt with a red 3/4 length tank top, and a matching jacket. Then wear black knee-high socks and black shoes.

10. Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy

Mermaid Man: wear green leggings with black spandex shorts over them. Wear an orange tanktop and tuck it into your spandex. Use purple construction paper to draw shells, and tap/ glue them to the tank top. Use yellow construction paper and cut out an “M” and tape/glue it to your waist as a belt. Wear pink slippers and dish gloves as accessories.

Barnacle Boy: wear white leggings with black spandex shorts over them. Wear a 3/4 length red shirt and accessorize with a blue bandanna for a neck tie, blue dish gloves and rain boots.

11.Orange is the New Black

Stop by your local thrift shop and buy orange or tan scrubs, or wear a matching grey sweat suit.  Print out a prison ID off the computer where you can personalize it with you name and ID number.  

12. Flappers

Wear a black dress of your choice. Add gloves, lots of pearls, and a feather scarf.  Use a sequined headband and hot glue a feather to the side of it. 

13. Nerds

Wear funky colored or plaid jeans, Converse, suspenders, and a button down shirt.  Add accessories such as a bow tie and glasses to make the look complete.  

14. Scare Crow

Flannel, jeans, and a straw hat; it’s as simple as that.  Use body paint to paint a scare crow face on!

15. Native American

Use an old tank top and cut the bottom to make fringe. From there you can add beads to each thread. Wear with brown bottoms such as leggings, or a skirt. Lastly, accessorize with braided hair and use body paint.

16. Fruit

Go to your local thrift shop and buy an oversized shirt.  Use a fabric marker to draw on the fabric to make it look like said fruit.  For example, for a pineapple draw indents, or for watermelon draw rain drops so it looks like seeds. Use construction paper to assemble the top of the fruit, aka the hat. After the hat is made, use a hot glue gun to glue it to a headband. 

17. Gumball Machine

Use an old tank top and hot glue colored cotton balls. Match with a pencil skirt and black tights. Use a grey peice of felt and a sharpie to draw the dispenser.

18. Wine

Another super easy and cute costume.  How could you not want to be your favorite drink?! Wear a bright dress and print off a Franzia (or whatever alcoholic beverage you want to be) label.  Use a clear garbage bag and cut it in half and size it so it fits your body comfortability. Glue the two ends together creating a hoop, or skirt, shape.  Use the scraps to make a bow to glue to the front of the skirt.  

19. We Can Do It!

Wear high-waisted jeans, and tuck in a blue button down shirt.  Roll up the sleeves and add a red bandana and you’re ready for a night out!

20. Risky Business 

Ask any guy to borrow a button down shirt, or buy one at your local thrift shop (again, wear spandex underneath) and wear a bright bralette.  Pair with sunglasses, a necklace, and knee-high socks.

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