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Drinks to Make for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us and it’s the one day we can all pretend we’re Irish, whether or not we really are. When we think of St. Patrick’s Day two things immediately come to mind; the color green and beer. But there is so much more to drink than just beer this holiday! We have compiled a list of drinks for you to try this St. Patrick’s Day to get you in the spirit and maybe bring some luck.

Her Campus Bryant would like to remind you to drink responsibly and safely.

·         Green Beer

o   What better combination than the two things people commonly associate with this holiday.

·         Bailey’s Irish Cream

o   This liqueur is your key to St Patrick’s Day spirit, you can drink it on its own if you’re into that, or you can mix it with countless of other liquors to create a drink perfect for celebrating the holiday.

·         Guinness

o   This Irish beer is a classic, and for a new twist to make it sweeter add black currant to it, a trick learned from some local Irishmen.

·         Irish Car Bomb

o   Did you truly celebrate St. Patrick’s Day if you didn’t have a least one Irish Car Bomb?

·         Shamrock Shake

o   St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t mean you have to get drunk, you can still have a great drink without the alcohol. A popular favorite is McDonald’s Shamrock Shake or even try Starbuck’s Shamrock Frappuccino, but you better get yours fast, they only have it for a limited time.

·         Shamrock-arita

o   If you like Margaritas, why not put an Irish spin on it?

·         Luck of the Irish Martini

o   A little Irish whiskey gives this drink a holiday twist

·         Irish Flag

o   This drink will transport you to the rolling hills and green fields of Ireland

·         The Drunken Irish Potato

o   Corned Beef and Potatoes are the meal of the day, why not make it a drink?

·         Sparkling Leprechaun Kiss

o   Because “Kiss Me I’m Irish”

The possibilities are endless! Let us know what your favorite drink was, or if you have any drinks you love to have on St. Patrick’s Day.


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