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DIY Holiday Gifts

As college students, we are always short on cash. There could not be a more apparent time to realize that than the holidays. Her Campus Bryant wants to help bring out the inner crafter inside of you, and give you plenty of ideas on how to make your own holiday gifts with a very low budget!


Mason Jars

Mason jars are a classic and trendy with anything you could possibly think of.  Here are some examples of gifts you can make for cheap!


  • Mason Jars for the Bathroom:

At Michaels, Kerr mason jars are as low as $1.00 each!  Decorative flowers, twine and ribbon are also around $1.00!  


  • Manicure in a Mason Jar:

This DIY gift will cost you about $12.00!  Manicure accessories like emery boards, nail clippers and nail polish remover go for $1-$2 each at local drugstores.  A handful of cotton balls you can find around your house for free! You can find Essie brand nail polish at drugstores for about $7.50.  The Mason jar you can find at Michaels for $1.00.


  • Mason Jars for Decorations:

This gift will cost you right around $5! Each Mason jar you can buy for around $1.00 at Michaels, along with Acrylic paint for as low as $0.69!  The fake flowers you can purchase at any Dollar Store.



For the ultimate DIY Canvas ideas check out Pinterest!! Canvases are a great gift for anyone!  They make for amazing décor in any room.


  • Initial canvas: Use buttons to spell out an initial on a canvas. First paint the canvas with a base color, and then use hot glue to adhere the buttons. Attach a ribbon to hang the canvas for extra decoration.  Using old buttons around the house, and some ribbon and a canvas, this project will cost you under $10.00!


  • Painter’s tape canvas: Use blue painters tape to mark off random lines around the canvas.  Then take a color of your choosing to paint over the entire canvas.  Let dry and remove the painter’s tape to reveal design.  Add paper flowers for extra decoration.  


  • DIY Canvas: You have the freedom to paint whatever you want!  This is such a special gift to give anyone because it comes from the heart.  For inspirational ideas, make sure you look at the hundreds of DIY projects on Pinterest.

Devon is a senior at Bryant University.  As a Marketing and Communications major, Her Campus is everything that Devon loves. Her hometown of Rutland, Vermont is where she was born and raised.  She attended Philadelphia University for her freshmen year of college as a Fashion Industry Management major, but discovered her true passion was the business aspect of the fashio industry, leading her to transfer to a nationally ranked business school, Bryant University.  Devon is the co-president of the Her Campus chapter at Bryant and is also a Research Assistant in the school's Office of Planning and Institutional Research.  You will see Devon on campus organizing HC events, running around finishing projects, or hanging out with her friends.  Devon's passions include: writing, dance, the ocean, and spending time with the people she loves.  
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