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Floating candles are a great gift that is easy to make and you can personalize them for each holiday and for each person. For materials, all you need is a jar or tall glass, clear Orbeez, some type of small Christmas décor like mini ornaments, candy canes, birch and pinecones, water, and a tea lite. Layer the clear Orbeez with the cute Christmas décor until you are about one inch from the top. Then fill the jar with water and place your tea light in! You can do a red and white candy cane theme, a red and green theme, or even a winter wonderland theme with snowflakes and glitter.

Coasters are also a very cute gift that is super easy and inexpensive to make. Start by going to Home Depot or Lowes and picking out a tile. I normally go for a more beat-up one to make them look rustic, but depending on your design you can pick a nice finished one as well. They often come in a big set. Then go pick up a pack of Christmas napkins that has a cute design because that will be the design on the coasters. Lastly, all you need is some mod podge and a brush from Walmart or Michaels. Start by opening the napkin and cutting it into four squares. Then cut each of those squares to the size of the tiles you bought. Put a layer of mod podge down on your coaster, lay one of the napkin squares down on it with the design centered, and mod podge right over the napkin. Make three or four per person, let them dry, stack them, and tie them with some twine, and you’re done!

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