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Deciphering Business Professional vs. Business Casual

If you go to a business school like Bryant, there is no way you can get around dressing to impress.  From presentations, to career fairs, to GFOB competitions, knowing what to wear to satisfy the “business professional” or “business casual” dress code is vital when trying to make an impression (and get a good grade). No worries, we’ve decoded it for you!

Business Professional:

  •         Suits: pair a blazer with either pants or a skirt that isn’t short
  •         Dark, and neutral colors
  •         Conservative blouses
  •         Panty hose or tights
  •         Natural-looking makeup and neat hair
  •         Conservative shoes: heels three inches or shorter, flats


Business Casual:

  •         Pants or skirt with a blouse or sweater
  •         Colors and patterns acceptable
  •         Panty hose/tights not required but are great for colder months
  •         Shoes: open-toed often acceptable, backless not acceptable

Keep in mind: cleavage is not acceptable in business environments, have a back-up pair of panty hose handy in case they rip, and don’t wear too much big jewelry.

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