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Cutest New Jewelry for Spring

Pastel color accents and patterns inspired by nature make this season’s cutest jewelry. The Spring collection at Lulu’s and Asos are full of flowery designs and a mix of muted and bright blues.


Bow and Arrow Silver and Turquoise Bracelet

Lulus.com $16



Shimmy Shake Royal Blue Earrings

Lulus.com $16


Mind Over Matte-r Gold Ring Set

Lulus.com $16


Blues Stud Earrings Multipack

Asos.com $9


Disney Cinderella Tear Drop Necklace

Asos.com $54



Linked Cage Ring

Asos.com $14.50


Multi Row Eye & Bar Necklace

Asos.com $14.5o


Pretty Color Drop Earrings

Asos.com $10.50

Feather Arrow Bracelet Pack

Asos.com $14.50

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