Chance to Win eff. Y. bee Bracelets!

eff.Y.bee (v.) – to follow your bliss, to live passionately, to dance in the direction of your dreams.

Attend the Her Campus Bryant Birthday Party on March 26th, 2015 for a chance to win a stack of the adorable eff.Y.bee bracelets! How do you win? Follow eff.Y.bee on Instagram ( ) and submit your email address to join their mailing list on their website, !

If you needed another reason to come to the Her Campus Birthday Party this year, now you have one- it's name is eff.Y.bee. eff.Y.bee is a company that was started in the Summer of 2011 on founder Alyssa Kuchta’s bedroom floor. She is a graduate of University of Delaware and spent her time in college fundraising for earthquake relief in Haiti and working at a local boutique. She is a self-taught jewelry maker that has turned all of her passions into a kick ass career and brand!

The brand is now based in NYC and is a multi-faced jewelry brand that inspires everyone to “follow their bliss”. It is a handmade collection of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that are incredibly chic. The bracelets are Her Campus’s absolute favorite because they look amazing stacked on each other, and you can mix and match with different colors and stones.

eff.Y.Bee has an amazing Brand Ambassador program for college girls as well! The Brand Ambassador Program give girls an engaging, creative, and fun learning opportunity that could help with resume building and real world experience. Did we mention that you earn commission and jewelry rewards? For more information go here,