Campus Spotlight: Allison Diebus, Sustain Us VP

We sat down with Allison Diebus to talk about all things regarding sustainability at Bryant and Bryant's newest club, Sustain Us.

Her Campus: What is Sustain Us?

Allison Diebus: Sustain Us is a new organization on campus that promotes sustainability within Bryant and tries to encourage people to change their way of thinking, making it a lifestyle.

HC: When are meetings?

AD: Meetings are weekly, Tuesdays at 5 in the Hall 17 Ronzio’s meeting room.

HC: What is your position and how did you get involved?

AD: I’m the Vice President Marketing but everyone works together on everything. The club used to be sustainability ambassadors, and I was involved in that because my friend Danny told me about it. I didn’t know there was anything like that on campus, and I had participated in something similar in high school. When ambassadors disbanded we decided it was time to make it into an official club.

HC: What are you looking to do on campus this semester/this year?

AD: This semester is to help with the recycling efforts at the townhouses. We started by talking to DPS and asking them to encourage kids to throw their bottles in the trash when they need to dump them out. We’re looking to talk to Res-Life next. Next semester we’re going to have an event for earth day/earth week, so fun events to come! We also want to get a greenhouse type lab area, like an environmental science lab. One exists on campus but the science department said they want to get it bigger and have a bigger portion of campus involved in it.

HC: What are you looking to do long-term?

AD: Long-term we want Bryant to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle. With everything going on with climate change and everything else, it’s important to emphasize and educate the importance of sustainability. Bryant should be focusing on being sustainable long term.

HC: Who do you work with?

AD: I work with Danny Giacomuzzi, who is the president, and also on the e-board is Jenn McNall, Shelby Gault, Jake Hunt, and Claire Gracia. The e-board gets along great, we have a great dynamic and many different connections around campus.

HC: What is the best part about Sustain Us?

AD: The best part is seeing everyone’s passion for it. I love seeing them put their efforts toward different initiatives, making changes, and promoting sustainability around campus. We come up with so many great ideas and it makes it a much better experience.

HC: Why is “living sustainably” important to you personally?

AD: It’s important to me because I know we can all make a difference because every small effort helps.  It’s important to have a mindset of working towards a cleaner environment and reducing the materials we use. It’s the moves we make now that affect our future.

HC: Any tips to easily add into our day to day lives to promote sustainability?

AD: Utilize the recycle bins in your dorm rooms. I know it’s difficult but separate it out but again, it’s all about the small moves. Also, try to use less plastic, get a reusable water bottle to cut down on water bottle waste. Also, reusable shopping bags. Sustain Us is also looking into selling these, so watch out for that too!

HC: How can Bryant be more sustainable in your opinion?

AD: Right now, we’re working on a petition to get recycling in the AIC. We want to start there, but a lot of our events in the spring semester will help. We do a green office clean out, so people can bring old office supplies and you can exchange it for other stuff. Anything that isn’t exchanged is donated to Good Will. There’s a Stars report on this to help Bryant’s credibility with being green, we’re currently a silver rating and it’s going up.

HC: Any additional comments?

AD: Come join us and help the planet!