Campus Cutie: Zack Murphy, CEO Committee Member


The Basics:

Name: Zack Murphy

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Cape Cod

Major/Minor: Double major in Finance and Entrepreneurship minor in Political Science

HC: What clubs are you involved in?

ZM: I am a committee member of CEO. We just held BUNEEC, and entrepreneurship conference here at Bryant.

HC: What’s it like being on the rugby team?

ZM: Other than the intensity of the game on the field, I love the comradery and brothers that I have gained off the field. We truly care about everyone on the team and as a freshman that goes a long way. Along with the connections on campus, these guys help us get internships and tutor us whenever we need it.  They encourage us to be the best humans that we can be and I am glad to be a part of a team that advocates for that.

The Deets

HC: What are three words to best describe you?

ZM: Extrovert, personable, honest

HC: If you could date one celebrity who would it be?

ZM: Lindsey Vonn

HC: What does your ideal date look like?

ZM: Candlelit five course meal on the beach of Aruba under a cabana overlooking the sunset

HC: Where is your ideal vacation spot?

ZM: Lebanon


HC: If you were a song what would you be?

ZM: "Fly me to the moon" by Frank Sinatra

HC: If you were a sandwich, what kind would you be?

ZM: Steak and cheese

HC: If you could only use two apps what would they be?

ZM: Snapchat and Instagram @zmurph66

HC: If Rentes named a drink after you, what would it be?

ZM: Zack'n'coke


HC: What’s your biggest pet peev?

ZM: Bad breath


HC: What’s your favorite thing about Bryant?

ZM: The sense of community here, I feel like it’s one big family!

HC: Favorite sex position?

ZM: Reverse cowgirl

HC: Guesstimate how many full size marshmallows you can fit in your mouth

ZM: The Whole Bag

HC: If you could eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

ZM: Nancy Dimodica's breaded chicken

HC: What’s your dream job if money didn’t matter?

ZM: I would love to own a stress free, small company on an island

HC: What’s your favorite song of all time?

ZM: "Hotel California" by the Eagles

HC: What’s on your bucket list?

ZM: Wing suit trip through Rio and Favela

HC: Any other comments?

ZM: Thank you to those who birthed me and those who have supported me on this journey to the top. Its only downhill from here.