Campus Cutie: Lexie

Her Campus Bryant interviewed Rob DiGangi, Area Director of Upper Village to learn all about his adorable dog, Lexie. You can typically find them on the first floor of Hall 17 or outside playing. Lexie is so sweet that it will make your day if you interact with her! Read on to learn about this Campus Cutie!

Her Campus: How old are you?

Lexie: I’ll be turning 4 in May.

HC: What breed are you?

L: Terrier Mix

HC: What is your favorite toy?

L: My Frisbee!

HC: What are your favorite snacks?

L: I love Milkbones. My dad doesn’t give me a lot of human food but sometimes I get a couple of fruits and vegetables. In that case, I love bananas and carrots.

HC: Do you prefer playing in the snow or running around in the summer?

L: Both, I love running around in general. Whether it be running in the snow or on a field; I’m fast too. I love the sun so if I had to pick I guess I’d go with the summer. 

HC: What do you like about living at Bryant?

L: I’ve met so many people. I get to go to work with my dad and be pet by everyone who walks by our office. People say hi to me all the time.

HC: What is your favorite thing to do with your dad, Rob?

L: I love to be active and play outside but I also love to cuddle. I love going on adventures, running around and rolling in the grass, and then cuddling up on the watching TV…or just napping.

HC: Are you excited to meet Tupper II?

L: Absolutely! I’m a little salty that I wasn’t considered simply because I’m not a bulldog but it’s all good. I expect some puppy playtime with Tupper II.

HC: Is there anything you would like us to know about you?

L: My name comes from the incredible doctor, Lexie Grey, on Grey’s Anatomy.

Thanks for being such a friendly dog, Lexie! You have made all of us pet lovers on campus SO happy.