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Campus Celebs: Target Competition Winning Team

Team Members:

Jaclyn Kline, Victoria Turano, Tyler Kowalczik, Kristen Smith, and Kelly Tower


HC: What was it like working together?  Any funny stories?

“It was interesting because at first none of us wanted to go on to the next round. We wanted a clean presentation and a well written paper just to get us an A. We presented first in class to get it out of the way and at the end of class our professor announced that we would move on. We all just stared at him and then looked at each other with very annoyed faces. We met as a group that next day and started working on making the presentation better because at this point we were out for blood! We ended up doing a skit, which was really fun and made the presentation fun and exciting!” 


HC: What was your original idea for the project and how did you come up with it?

“We had five original ideas that were all shut down immediately by a Target representative. We had clearly not thought out all of the details of having workshops in store (no space) or having Target wrap all of the gifts (no space, no workers, not enough time). We then wanted a lay-away program, where Target said no again, and we were in disbelief. Finally, we realized we had to recreate the store and make it better — which is where we came up with a holiday hub section of the store for pictures and a connection to the app for social media.” 


HC: What are some things you learned / got out of the project?

“We learned how to use our skills as a team. We all knew what we were good and bad at, and picked each person to use their skill to their best ability. We also learned the value of hard work; we worked hard and it paid off! Making fools out of ourselves with a skit was funny, and since we enjoyed doing it, the Target Team enjoyed watching it!”


HC: What do you all plan on doing with your shares of the prize money?

“We each have different intentions with the money, but for the most part we celebrated, and then decided that our bank accounts were in need of some loving, because college (food) really does steal all of your money.”



College Senior from CT
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