Campus Celebrity

Name: Madison Ballou

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Salem, MA

Other involvements on campus: Graphic Designer at the U.S. China Institute, Student Ambassador, Treasurer of The Ledger, Running Club


 How did you start teaching Spin?

I started taking spin classes five years ago and fell in love with the motivational environment. There’s an energy that you find yourself pushing through and it truly makes you stronger. The best thing about spinning, for me, is that the classes never feel like a chore. When a workout isn’t something you enjoy, it’s simply not worth it. Everything you do should make you feel good and genuinely happy. I wholeheartedly believe that’s when you feel and see a difference!


What was the certification process like?

Exhausting! From the 9 hour spin training to the endless amounts of studying, I was so relieved when I got on the train at South Station after my certification day. But, every class I teach at Bryant is a reminder of why it’s worth it.


What’s your fav healthy food and your fav cheat meal?

Healthy Food: Banana with almond butter.

Favorite Cheat Meal: Sweet potato fries.


When is your class?

Mondays at 1pm!


Fun Fact:

This past summer my friends and I hiked the Tuckerman Ravine Trail to Mt. Washington and ate snow out of the waterfall.