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Campus Celeb: Via Valenti, Candidate for Secretary

HerCampus was able to sit down with Via Valenti, a candidate for secretary in the upcoming student election at Bryant University. Via is looking to be a voice for the people and hopes to make significant change alongside her running mates Noah Pease and Kojo Appiah.


HerCampus: What year are you in?


Via Valenti: I am a freshman Politics and Law major from Manchester, MA! 


HC: What are your involvements?


VV: Current Press Secretary for Student Government, Honors Program, and Professional Development Chair for the Honors Council, Outreach Coordinator for Women in Business (a subset of CEO), Student Ambassador, Delta Zeta Sorority, and a Relay for Life Captain!


HC: What are you running for and why?


VV: This term, I’m running for secretary. Anything in politics is super enjoyable for me, but being press secretary allowed me to realize what areas in student government really fit my strengths! The tasks I was assigned as the Press Sec really translates into the responsibility of an e-board secretary, it just encompasses more involvement, group work, and discussion which I’m looking forward to.


HC: What experience have you had that qualifies you for this position?


VV: Like I mentioned, as a freshman, I’ve made it a point for myself to get involved as much as I can without sacrificing quality for quantity. In all of the leadership positions that I’ve held, they have all required an immense amount of organization, note-keeping, and meeting attendace. The groups that I’m involved in like to follow through quickly, which means I’m a very driven person and like to see results with everything I do. I’m committed to that same mindset as a secretary and will continue to be effective and efficient in all of the work that I produce. 


HC: What do you hope to do if elected to this position?


VV: I hope to utilize the secretary position as a platform for the student body to feel represented. I feel I’m more of just the body speaking for the wants and needs of the Bryant community, and I’ll make sure people feel like they’re being heard. I’m not afraid to speak up, and I know that I, along with my running mates, want the same outcome which is to make Bryant a more fulfilling University.

HC: Why should we vote for you?


VV: You should vote for the candidate that you feel will represent what you want out of Bryant best. I’ve made it a point in campaigning that it’s not fair to tell you to vote for me if you don’t really know who ‘me’ is. That’s why I really encourage everyone to attend the “Meeting the Candidates” event so you can see who will embody your vision of each position. I hope the people who meet me feel that I represent that vision for them and understand how passionate I am about what I do.


HC: Where can we go to learn more or get to know you?


VV: Just ask me! I love meeting new people and hanging out so anyone is always welcome to reach out to me!


HC: When and where do we vote?


VV: Executive elections are March 29th and 30th (this Thursday and Friday!)! You will get a link to vote on Orgsync so look out for that! 


HC: Give us a FUN FACT!

VV: I have some of the most pointless hidden talents, and one of them is that I can say all 50 states in under 30 seconds, and I can also recite 32 digits of Pi! 

HerCampus encourages you to get out and vote this election season!

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