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Campus Celeb: Nika Nguyen, Candidate for VP

HerCampus was able to talk to Nika Nguyen, a freshman here at Bryant who is looking to secure the Vice President position in our Student Government for the next academic year. Nika is driven to improve life for the students here at Bryant University as well as create as much positive change as possible in her remaining three years.


HerCampus: What year are you in?

Nika Nguyen: Freshman, class of 2021.  

HC: What are your involvements on campus?

NN: Student Government Senator for the class of 2021, Mock Trial which I served as Secretary and I was newly elected as the President, CEO, DECA, Relay for Life planning committee member and team captain, and Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority.  

HC: What are you running for and why?

NN: I am running for Executive Vice President and I want to improve the experience of Bryant students.  

HC: What experience have you had that qualifies you for this position?

NN: This year, I served as a Senator and had the opportunity to be on the Student Life committee and Strategic Operations team. It has opened my eyes to the ins and outs of how Bryant operates. This semester we worked closely with Shawn Monaghan who runs Salmo and have worked on making small improvements.  

HC: What do you hope to do if you secure this position?

NN: I hope to listen to the students and address their needs and problems. No problem is too small.  

HC: Why should we vote for you?

NN: I am extremely dedicated to Student Government and improving the experience of students at Bryant.  

HC: Where can we go to learn more or get to know you?

NN: You can just walk up to me when you see me or just text/call me at (978)973-8830! Follow me on Instagram at nika_nguyen_  

HC: When do we vote and where?

NN: Thursday March 29 and Friday March 30 through OrgSync. You will be emailed a link and there will be voting booths in front of Salmo and Fischer.  

HC: Give us a fun fact!

NN: I love working out and staying fit.

HerCampus encourages you to get out and vote in your local student election!

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