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Campus Celeb: Kojo Appiah, Candidate for Treasurer


HerCampus had the pleasure of sitting down to interview Kojo Appiah, a freshman here at Bryant University who is looking to secure the role of Treasurer in the upcoming student election and is looking to improve the overall experience for Bryant students along with his running mates, Noah Pease and Via Valenti.


HerCampus: What year are you?

Kojo Appiah: 2021


HC: What are your involvements on campus? 

KJ: I am involved with Student Government (Senator, Class of 2021), Ways and Mean Commission, Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization, and Finance Association


HC: What are you running for and why? 

KJ: I am running for Treasurer. I decided to run for this position because, while I have helped make an impact this year on Senate, I will be in the unique position to make a significant impact, especially amongst clubs and organizations on campus. The job of Treasurer is a challenging role, but it will allow me to implement the change that students want to see. 


HC: What experience have you had that qualifies you for this position? 

KJ: Besides my Senate experience, I hold previous budgetary experience as I interned for the Office of Mayor Dan Drew, City of Middletown this past summer. In this role I had managed one state grant and one federal grant. This experience taught me the importance of making financially sound decisions and how to properly manage budgets. Also, my experience on the Ways and Means Commission (WAM) here at Bryant has allowed me to understand the underlying financial frameworks for clubs and organizations, the reasoning behind key funding decisions and more.


HC: What do you hope to do if elected to this position? 

KJ: If I were to be elected to the position of Treasurer, there are a few goals that I have in mind:

            a. Restructure underlying frameworks behind financial matters in relation to clubs and organizations in order to make financials more understandable

            b. Devise new guidelines for clubs and orgs

            c. Create more sustainable funding levels

            d. Foster a greater level of transparency amongst key funding committees such as the Ways and Means Commission and the Student Involvement Fee Oversight Board.

            e. Collaborate greatly with club treasurers in order to best meet their needs

            f. Create an advisory board similar to SPAC named the Student Treasurers’ Advisory Council. 

            g. Enrich the Bryant University campus as a whole and ensure students are getting the most out of their SIF dollars

            h. Redefine the role of what it means to be Treasurer


HC: Why should we vote for you?

KJ: I strongly encourage you to not only vote for me, but my running mates Noah Pease (Executive Vice-President) and Via Valenti (Secretary) as well for their respective positions. Each of us are extremely driven people that genuinely seek to meet the needs to the students. We each believe that each and every students’ voice should be heard and we are the people that can ensure that. With regards to me specifically, I am a focused person that will not leave clubs and organizations without the help/funding that they need. If you are looking to anyone that can deliver the results you need, I am that person and want to continue to be. 

HC: Where can we go to learn more or get to know you?

KJ: If you wish to learn more about me or get to know me, you can email me (kappiah2@bryant.edu), follow me on social media (FB: Kojo Appiah, Twitter/IG: kojooappiah), connect with me on Linkedin, or call me at 860-983-2188. Don’t hesitate to approach me, I am more than willing to get to know more people!


HC: Where do we vote and when? 

KJ: This March 29th and 30th, on OrgSync, and voting will be open from 7 AM to 7PM on both days!


HC: Give us a fun fact! 

KJ: I love to travel and have been to six different countries and counting. 


HerCampus encourages you to get out and vote in this year’s student election!


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