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Campus Celeb: Denae Pisano, SWiF President

We sat down with Denae Pisano, President of the new finance club on campus, Smart Women in Finance (or SWiF as we call it). We enjoyed some omelets and discussed what this new club is all about, her future ambitions for the club, and what else is going on in the life of Denae.


HC: What year are you?

Denae: Senyaaa

HC: What is your major?

Denae: Finance, with a minor in Communications and Legal Studies

HC: So what is SWiF?

Denae: Oh boy. SWiF is an organization that we created to get more minority groups, especially women, interested in the opportunities that finance can offer. We bring guest speakers onto campus in order for women to see the opportunities there are at senior level positions and various companies you can work at, as well as the different avenues finance can offer.

HC: How did you you get involved in SWiF?

Denae: Savannah Miles is the one who originally reached out to me about officiating the club. When it came time to fill E-Board positions she recognized my passion and my capacity to dedicate time to SWiF, so becoming the president seemed like a good fit.

HC: What are your current and future goals for SWiF?

Denae: The goals for us are we want to get women at a younger grade level (freshman/sophomore) to see the different opportunities in finance. The goal is to reach as many women and minority groups as possible to at least show them what opportunities finance could give to them.

We also want as many people as possible to come our events, which are all new as of this year.

HC: What else are you involved in?

Denae: Delta Zeta! I was assistant new member educator and senior chair.

HC: Advice for a finance major?

Denae: Take any opportunity that comes your way. If there are any classes that catch your interest, even if the professor is hard or it doesn’t work with your schedule, take it because you will learn something from it.

Off of that, internships. Any internships a good experience because you will learn something from it, even if it’s learning what you don’t like.

Also, networking. Networking is huge. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms you can use to effectively network if you are not able to do it physically. Blindly applying to internships or jobs in a sea of applicants won’t help you, but if along the way you met someone at that company it could give you leverage.

HC: Advice for girls?

Denae: Put your best foot forward. In a male dominated field it may seem scary but there is a need for women in the industry. There is, without a doubt, a need for a difference of ideas, opinions, and perspective. Other women in the field are very apt to help, as well as excited. If you ever feel like you are lost, connecting with Bryant alumni will help you to find your feet and see where you could potentially stand.

HC: Any last comments?

Denae: SWiF is not just for women! It is for anyone who is interested in finance and learning more about finance. Check out our meetings at biweekly, Mondays at 3 in 2B! Our monthly speakers are every third Wednesday of the month from 3:30-5:00 in the AIC. There is also a financial literacy panel next Thursday 9/28 from 6-7 in the IFC for anyone who is not a finance major, or is, but would like to learn more about financing in general.

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