Campus Celeb: Dana Blasi

Name: Dana Blasi

Year of Graduation: 2019

Major: Applied Psychology

From: Waterbury, CT


Q: When did you first start getting interested in make-up?

A:        When I was in middle school, I was heavily bullied about the way that I looked, and even with a naturally high self-confidence level, the fact that other people didn’t accept me for who I was bothered me, and I knew that one day I had to prove them wrong. So when I was a freshman in high school, I started to attempt to learn how to fill in my eyebrows and put lip gloss on, but to say the least, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. However, we all start somewhere. Makeup and beauty is all about trial and error, not necessarily doing things “the right way,” but making yourself look how YOU want to look, and achieving ultimate confidence.


Q: If you could do any celebrity's makeup who’s would you do and why?

A:        Definitely Kylie Jenner. Most of the makeup tips that I get are inspired by her. As typical as that sounds, our generation is expanding makeup into a talent, hobby and an art, and she is the poster child lately for what’s new in makeup and beauty products. Her new line of lipsticks and eye products are exploding in the makeup world, and inspiring people like myself.

Q: What are your top 3 favorite products?

A:        I literally opened my desk drawers to look at my spread of products for this one… At the top of my list, I’d have to say is the Anastasia DipBrow Pomade (Shade: Chocolate). I’m all about nice, defined eyebrows. It’s only right that my second favorite is the Anastasia Contour Kit. I use the “Light to Medium” shades but they also offer shades for other skin tones. The only shade that I don’t really touch is the bottom middle powder, but I religiously have to buy a new palette every couple months. Last but not least, the Becca x Jaclyn Hill “Champagne Collection Palette” does wonders to my face. The “Amaretto” Mineral blush in the top center is the perfect color to match any contour in my opinion. Plus, I don’t think there’s a person on this earth that doesn’t look good with a Champagne Pop highlight. It’s pure gold, there isn’t really another way to describe it.


Q: Do you have a favorite part of your makeup routine?

A:        Brows baby. I strongly believe that filling in your eyebrows gives a defined look to the face, and really makes your features pop. Eyebrows kind of give your face a personality in a sense that you can make them bold or tamed or basically any shape you want, and they will most likely compliment your eyes and face. Put a little highlight on that brow bone and we are in business!


Q: How did you learn all these amazing tips and tricks for makeup application?

A:        Well, for starters I am a licensed cosmetologist, but the majority of my makeup career started from just watching YouTube videos of makeup artists like Jaclyn Hill and Carli Bybel (they are the reason I’m not ugly, no joke). But, like I said before, makeup is a lot of trial and error, I look back on pictures of myself from high school and want to throw up because my makeup looked so horrendous, and I don’t know what kind of mirror I was using that morning. But, since then I think I’ve cleaned up in the makeup department a little (THE GLOW UP WAS REAL), and now makeup/beauty is my hobby and one of my biggest passions.


Q: When did you decide you wanted to start a YouTube channel?

A:        First semester last year, a lot of my friends were having me do their hair and makeup to go out on the weekends, and I really enjoyed it, until I had to give 5 make overs in one night, and didn’t even get a chance to get ready myself. So I figured I would teach people what I know, so they could go out and buy the right products for themselves. A lot of people also approached me saying that I should start a YouTube channel, and create a following on campus and at home. So over this past summer (June 30th to be exact: I Instagramed it), I filmed my first video!


Q: What kinds of videos can we expect in the future?

A:        My first video about my everyday, cheap and easy makeup routine did really well on my channel, but I still have a lot to work on as far as camera quality and video editing. But, I’m hoping to get started back up really soon, and film a “Smokey Eye: Going Out Look” video, and maybe “The Perfect Contour” video (suggested by Bella Ready).


Be sure to subscribe to Dana’s channel and if you have any questions about your makeup routine fell free to reach out to her Instagram & Twitter: @drbxo !