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Bryant’s Own “Cake Boss” – Courtney Stine

Courtney Stine, a sophomore, has a sweet special talent! Back at home in Easton, MA she’s been working at White’s Bakery where she has picked up some amazing cake decorating skills. Read this interview below to find out more about her. 

HC: When did you first start working at a bakery and why?

CS: I first started working at White’s Bakery my sophomore year in high school. I needed to find a job to start to save money for college. Working at White’s literally became my dream job, I absolutely love working there! 

HC: What does your job entail?

CS: My job entails many different things. I work in all different departments of the bakery. I work in the storefront waiting on customers, taking cake orders, and being a head opener and closer. I also have extended my job to now taking wedding cake/specialty cake appointments as well as working alongside with the cake decorators. I absolutely love working with the cake decorators, it has been a dream of mine to work with them since I began sophomore year.  

HC: Wow, that sounds like such a fun job! How did you begin cake decorating?

CS: I began cake decorating because I was very fascinated by all of the different shows on Food Network and TLC. I taught myself how to make every cake I have ever made, I never took any cake decorating classes. 

HC: That’s impressive! So what is your favorite cake that you have designed?

CS: My favorite cakes that I have designed would be my Fourth of July cakes. They were very time consuming with all of the piping, but the giant four and Uncle Sam top hat came out very cool. 

HC:Those sound awesome! What about the hardest cake you’ve ever had to decorate?

CS: I think the hardest cake I have ever done was a tiered cake. It took a lot of time to position the cakes on top of one another and make sure the tiers were strong enough to support each other. 

HC: Do you hope to pursue a career in this after graduation?

CS: After graduation I do hope to pursue a career in decorating as a side job to my career. I will definitely continue to have my own little cake business because I really enjoy making creative cakes for holidays and birthday!


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