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Bryant’s New P.A. Program


Recently, Bryant University’s President, Ron Machtley, shared news that the establishment of the highly-anticipated Bryant University School of Health Sciences is almost here. There will be a respective program of the Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies, or M.S.P.A.S. Not only are Biology majors super excited for the expansion of the Science department, but also for the continued development of Bryant’s 150-year tradition of innovation and the provision of vast opportunities to students with many diverse aspirations!

The new Physician Assistant program is said to be housed in new space which will be constructed on campus next to the Management Resource Complex wing in the Unistructure. The program will include 27 months of rigorous classroom instruction, combined with clinical training in hospitals and physician practices throughout Southern New England, in order to award students the experience necessary to forge and follow a strong and successful career path.

If you are interested in learning more about the new addition of M.S.P.A.S., check out Bryant Univeristy’s acadmeic website. 

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