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Bryant University Weekend Expectations vs. Reality

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Weekends at Bryant differ from week to week; sometimes you end up having a ton of fun, and sometimes you wish you stayed in bed.  The night usually goes as follows:


Usually, the night begins in the suite (or your dorm) with your girls while you all listen to music and get ready and take pics, of course:

But in reality, you only post up a couple of pictures because you think you look like this:

You then end up heading over to another suite and pre-game before you take a stroll down to the townhouses:

However, everyone forgets how cold it really is at night…

Whatever, Mother Nature has nothing on you:

You end up walking around the townhouses and see that someone is having a party.  You walk in and everyone’s like:

Sometimes it’s dark and you can’t find any of your friends, so you resort to being on your phone:

Maybe someone even tries to talk to you, and you’re all:

Or you end up becoming best friends to someone who you probably won’t say hi to in the morning:

You start dancing and you think you look like this:

 But, you really look like this:

Just when it starts to get good, you see DPS roll around:

And you really don’t want them to ruin your fun:

You end up heading to Ronzio’s and see that all of your friends are there:

If you’re like most of us, you then realize you have ZERO Bulldog Bucks:

You then head back to your room and maybe have another late-night snack:

You’re ready to hit the sack and if you’re lucky, no one will pull the fire alarm:

Overall, it ended up being a successful night.

Megi is the Snapshot Chair for HerCampus Bryant!•Position: Fashion and Style/ Snapshot Editor•Class:  Senior 2015•Hometown: Waterbury, CT •Major/Minor: Biology/Business Administration •Fun Fact: Can speak Albanian!