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Bryant Ladies, Sign Up For Intramurals!

At Bryant we all know that there are a lot more guys on campus than girls. One place where this is very evident is in intramurals. A very high majority of students involved in intramurals are guys, and that needs to change! Did you know there was a women’s basketball league this winter? I bet a lot of you didn’t because only two teams signed up. A lot of us college girls may not be on a sports team at Bryant, but for those of you who miss playing sports in high school you should definitely get involved. Even if you have never played a sport in your life, it is always nice to get together a few times a week and have a fun game of whatever sport you want to play.  Don’t miss out on signing up for the next session of intramurals! Below are all the sports being offered- if you see one you like get the girls together, or some of your guy friends too, and make a team!

Sand Volleyball

Badminton singles & doubles

Fiddlestix Lacrosse

Field Hockey               

Indoor Soccer tournament

Outdoor Soccer


Tennis singles & doubles


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