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Bryant Behind Closed Doors

After a three month hiatus, Bryant University Secrets is back and bigger than ever.  The Facebook page that began in January of this year has been growing more and more popular among Bryant students.  With almost 900 “likes”, the page has more Facebook fans than the Bryant Intramurals page and our Her Campus page (let’s change that!!).  

How has Bryant University Secrets become so popular so fast?  It’s entertaining!  The page asks for students to send in their “funny, dirty, crazy, or weird secrets” with the promise that all posts will be kept anonymous.  With a total of 883 juicy posts, the secrets cover everything from awkward roommate stories, to embarrassing moments in class, to wild recaps of the weekend.  The “TMI factor” of most of the confessions makes reading the page a guilty pleasure that no one can resist.

Entertaining and comedic social network pages are now more common than ever on college campuses.  Jus at Bryant, students have also created Bryant Memes and Bryant Crushes.  So, if you’ve got a secret to share or a confession to get off your chest, entertain us by sending it to Bryant University Secrets’ Tumblr page!

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