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Brie Nisbet: ROTC

Name: Brie Nisbet

Year: Sophomore

Major: International Business

Hometown: Suffield, CT

Favorite Food: Fried pickles

Favorite part of Bryant University: My favorite part of Bryant University is the people I have met. My current suitemates are my best friends and I know I can count on them for anything. My rugby teammates are the craziest and most loving people I have ever met. My ROTC friends mean more to me than anyone could ever know. They are like my family, which is saying something since my younger sister, Sam, is also a student here at Bryant. Being at Bryant makes me feel like I am at home. No matter the situation I always have someone to turn to.

HC: What influenced you to join ROTC?

BN: I wanted to serve my country and get an education at the same time. I have always known I wanted to serve in the military, but I also knew I wanted to have the experience of going to college and living my own life. ROTC gives me the best of both worlds. I can still be normal college student and have fun, but at the same time I am training to become a 2nd Lieutenant for the U.S Army.

HC: What are your plans after college?

BN: Right now my intention is to branch aviation and be a 2nd Lieutenant in the National Guard and also have a civilian job involving international business.

HC: What does Veterans Day mean to you?

BN: To me, Veterans Day is a time to salute our veterans and to honor their service and sacrifice. It is not a time to sleep in because you got a day off from school, or to go to the mall early to get the best discounts. Veterans Day is a time to remember that freedom is not free. Freedom is something that needs to be earned and fought for everyday and it is something that we thankfully have because of the United States veterans.

HC: What does ROTC do to honor Veterans Day?

BN: Every year, the entire Patriot Battalion has a Veterans Day ceremony at Providence College. It typically involves a speech from our Lieutenant Colonel, a guest speaker, the presentation of the colors (the flags), and the Patriot Battalion all singing the Army Song. Last year, the guest speaker was Miss RI and she spoke about what Veterans Day meant to her.

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