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Bridget McLean: New HC Co-President:

0in;line-height:20.2pt;background:white”>Name: Bridget McLean

0in;line-height:20.2pt;background:white”>Year: 2018

0in;line-height:20.2pt;background:white”>Major/Minor: Biology/ Management

0in;line-height:20.2pt;background:white”>Hometown: Braintree, MA

0in;line-height:20.2pt;background:white”>Fun Fact: I watched all 11 ½ seasons of Grey’s Anatomy during Winter Break an I use Kimojis regularly

Why do you love Her Campus?

I love Her Campus because it is so much fun! I love hanging out with a bunch of girls (and a couple guys) and just talk about life and current events. Freshman year, upperclassmen would come up to me and tell me how much they loved my articles and it really helped me gain confidence! Her Campus is also the most amazing stress-reliever, when I have a rough day or something really exciting happens on campus, I get to write an article about it and put it out there for others to see! It is a fun way to get involved on campus and literally anyone can get involved! I honestly write a 10 page paper about why I love Her Campus, but I won’t, lol.

How did you get involved with Her Campus Bryant?

I signed up to be a general member at an org fair freshman year along with 20 other clubs that I am still on the email list for. But Her Campus seemed like so much fun, so my friends and I decided to attend the first meeting of the year! After our first meeting we literally talked for hours about article ideas! Second semester of my freshman year I became an editor which I was so excited about! Now I’m the Co-President and it is so crazy how fast everything happened!

What are you looking forward to most as the new Co-President?

I’m looking forward to representing Her Campus at Bryant, I’m so proud of all of our members and their creativity. I’m really excited to work with the e-board of our club and see how much we can grow within my time as president.

What is your vision for the club?

My vision for Her Campus Bryant is to be a place for girls on campus to come, hang out, and express themselves. I hope that our chapter will expand and hopefully start a Youtube page to make Buzzfeed-like videos!

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