Best Water Bottles For Every Occasion

Drinking water is the key to a healthy life. On average, we should be drinking 8 cups of water a day. However, sometimes it's hard to keep up with drinking water on the go. A fun water bottle will help your healthy lifestyle, and add some style to your look. There are so many water bottles to choose from, and it’s important you choose the right one for each activity. Here are some suggestions for each part of your life!

1. For Class

Let's be honest, the most annoying thing is having to unscrew a top loudly in a silent class. Or worse, accidently tipping your bottle too much and spilling your water ALL over your outfit. That is why any tumbler is the perfect bottle to bring to class. Tumbler’s can match any style, and can even be customized. We like tumblers with straws because you can easily sip during class without any noise or risk of accident. Etsy has a ton of personalized tumblers, so check the website out! Other places to buy tumblers include Starbucks and Target!

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2. For Working Out

When you reach for water while you’re running, spinning, or walking, it's important that the mouth/straw is easy accessible. Any water bottle that doesn’t require you to unscrew or top or move around the straw is best. Most athletes and frequent gym users use Gatorade or Camelbak water bottles for easy accessibility for water. The best part is that they are relatively cheap, so if you accidently leave them at the gym, no worries!

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3. For A Long Day

For those days that you are running everywhere and need a versatile water bottle, a Hydro Flask is for you. Hydro Flasks have the ability to keep a beverage warm and cold for an extended period of time. The best feeling after a long day of hard work is drinking a nice glass of cold water, and now you can bring that glass anywhere! An added bonus to a hydro flask is that some people tend to customize their bottles with stickers. Adding stickers overtime can be a fun little activity to document all the places you go!

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4. For Style

Swell bottles are slim and chic, making it the perfect accessory to your OOTD. They offer so many available patterns to choose from, you can match them to any outfit. We love this white marble one, it’s stylish and trendy!

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5. For the Eco-Friendly

Being eco-friendly has been a trend recently, and it can be cute too! Earthlust sells stainless steel water bottles using recycled material and are made by hand. Each water bottle features a drawing to remind you of what animals you’re saving by using their reusable water bottles!

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