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The Best Themes For Your Holiday Party

This Christmas, throw the party that everyone will want an invite to!  These five party themes will leave your friends talking until next Christmas!

  1. Ugly Sweater Party- We’re all familiar with the classic ugly sweater party.  These parties are so much fun, because the more ridiculous you look, the cooler you are! Have a Yankee Swap or Secret Santa party, and require everyone to wear ugly sweaters. At the end of the night, give awards to your friends for having the ugliest, most creative, and most festive sweaters! You’ll have a blast, and you’ll love looking back at the pictures later!


  1. Christmas Pajama Party- Who doesn’t love being able to wear pajamas out of the house?! Tell your friends to wear their favorite Christmas pajamas and invite them over for a laid back night of watching your favorite Christmas movies and eating popcorn. Have blankets, pillows, and plenty of hot chocolate available!  This is a great way to catch up with your high school friends that you haven’t seen in a while.


  1. Cookie Swap- Invite all of your friends over and have each person bring a batch of their favorite Christmas cookies along with recipe cards. Sample everyone’s cookies, and then package a few of each into gift bags for everyone. Everyone leaves with a treat, and new recipes! Plus, it requires minimal cooking for the host!


  1. Re-gifting Party- You know those Crocs your great-aunt gave you for Christmas?  Instead of just stashing them in the back of your closet, invite your friends over for a re-gifting Yankee Swap. Everyone rewraps the most horrific gifts they got for Christmas and ends up with someone else’s. Not only will you share lots of laughs with friends, but you may also end up with something you actually like! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!


  1. Classy Christmas- Although we love the idea of a pajama party, it’s also fun to dress up now and then!  Invite your friends over for a classy Christmas party!  Everyone gets dressed up and gathers for a fancy dinner.  You don’t have plan anything spectacular, but lots of decorations, classic Christmas music, eggnog, and appetizers will certainly help!  Don’t forget to hang the mistletoe!  

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