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With finals coming up this week, we’ve got you covered on the best places to study on campus as well as the pros and cons to each of them.

Fisher Student Center:  

This is a great place to study because it conveniently has printers, food, coffee, and vending machines. If you can’t find a free table or couch here, be sure to check the meeting rooms – often times the FSC will open up the rooms and let students study there! However, because of how popular the FSC gets during finals week, you might be easily distracted by seeing all your friends and end up not studying. Note: check the closing times of the FSC before you get settled there for an all-nighter.


Duh, the obvious choice to study for your finals at. Pro tip: book your study rooms ASAP because they do fill up fast! Library usually has extended hours during finals week, so be sure to know the times.


Academic Innovation Center (AIC): 

If you can handle the open environment of the AIC, go for it! The whiteboard windows and boards are ideal for studying for finance, math, and the like. During finals week, they'll open at 7 am and close at 11 pm. Book a room before they get too full! 

Unistructure Rooms:

If you and your friends are having no luck in the places above, head to the Unistructure and find an empty room.  They're great for a group of friends, and technically the Uni is open all night. Don’t be a jerk, though, and take a whole room if you’re the only person in there – no one likes that person. Uni rooms are great for people who need to use the projector to practice presentations or work in groups to study. Another great use of the projector is to play some study music or a movie in the background. Warning: the projectors shut off at 11 automatically, but you can turn them right back on again.


If there’s no open rooms and you’re already in the Uni getting desperate, check out the couches by the printers for any available seats. The second floor has tables and plenty of couches and first floor has a couple single desks and comfy seats for students to use.

Lastly, if all your friends and roommates are testing their luck with any of the places above, that leaves you with your empty and (hopefully) quiet common room for the taking!  

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