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Best Places to Procrastinate in Rhode Island

Alright college students, finals week is here. And you know what that means: procrastination! For you out-of-staters who are looking to get off campus, here are some great places to procrastinate.

Oakland Beach in Warwick. This little beach is much closer to campus than Narragansett, and is a great spot to soak in the (finally) nice weather. The best part: Iggy’s Doughboys is located here!

Panera Bread. Conveniently located across from the Lincoln Mall, you can get there in under 10 minutes from Bryant’s campus. They offer free wifi, so you can meet here to study, write that paper you’ve been pushing off, or scroll through Tumblr all afternoon. Whatever floats your boat.

The Duck and Bunny in Providence. This is the cutest café you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating at. It’s so adorable that you might just forget you should be studying…

The Smithfield Crossings. Basically everything you need is in here: Target, American Eagle, Barnes & Noble, Old Navy, Kohl’s, etc. Sopping is supposed to be a cathartic experience after all, right?

The Rustic Drive In  in North Smithfield. Who needs studying when you can watch a movie at an authentic drive in! There’s just something cool about watching a movie from your car. If there isn’t a drive in back home then you can’t miss this opportunity before the semester ends.

Narragansett state and town beaches. Slightly further away than Warwick, but you can still get there in about 45 minutes. After a day of hanging out by the ocean and eating Brickley’s ice cream, you’ll have forgotten all about those pesky exams.

Avenue Grille in North Providence. This diner is open ALL NIGHT! Having an existential life crisis because you failed your finance exam? It’s fine, you can eat pancakes at 4 am here and no one will judge you.   

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