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Best Bathing Suits for Your Body Type


On a mission to find the right swim suit for your body type this summer? Start with this article. Many people don’t know that different bathing suits can actually be more flattering for different body types. It’s time to find out what swim suits can add to a small chest, give support to a more full chest, or flatter a belly that may not be as ready for summer as you are. We are here to help you hide whatever you consider your “problem area” and help you to flaunt what you love most about your body…Summer here we come!

Fake a Curvier Figure

Eye-catching styles and pushup tops can create the illusion that you have a fuller chest. This can be bikinis with ruffles, bold patterns, and rushing. Or, try a top with a boost, a little pushup never hurt anyone. All of these tops can be found at Target, or on Target.com

Support a Full Chest

Some girls have the opposite problem. If you want to go have fun in the sun you shouldn’t worry about lack of support. Try a top that looks like a bra; these are much more supported than string tops. Make sure you find the right size, there should be nothing spilling out on top or from the sides.

Hide a Curvy Tummy

We all have our trouble areas…If yours is your midsection it doesn’t mean you need to be self-conscious. There are ways to flatter those curves that may be unwanted. You can choose a sleek one-piece with slimming control; a deep v-neck can distract from your midsection and draw the attention upwards.

Now that your body will be looking beach ready, check out our article on sun safety here!


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