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Because You Never Know – 5 Must Haves for A College Woman

This year, the HC Bryant crew aren’t the only ones who want to write on the website…weird right?  Well, not really, it’s actually pretty darn cool.  So here is our first piece from someone other than the HC Bryant collegiettes themselves.  This week, AZO reached out to us and wanted to make sure all of you are well prepared for college.  So what better way to do exactly that than through a blog?  Tell us what you think by leaving your comment below!  A special shout out (and a big thanks) to our friends at AZO who are big supporters of our vision over here in Smithfield, RI…

Hi collegiettes! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is AZO Girl and although I don’t go to Bryant University, I know a thing or two about what a college girl needs.

School is officially in full-swing and many of us are getting used to new daily routines. Our stomachs are acclimating to cafeteria food, our arms are already getting toned from lugging around books, and our dorm rooms are getting increasingly messier. There are many ways to make being on campus an easier transition, and this is my list of the five must-have items to make this year the smoothest yet:

Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Do you have a particularly noisy roommate? A boy who thinks he is the next Jimi Hendrix living in the room next to yours? Do you find that people around you consider the library more of a social hall than a study space? If so, investing in a pair of noise-canceling headphones is a great solution. Now, whether you’re cramming for finals or trying to listen to your music in peace, you can tune out the distractions around you and focus on knocking things off your to-do list.

Backup Battery: One of the most inconvenient things is when your phone battery dies before you’ve made it home. Many of us don’t want to take up precious space in our bags by carrying around all of our various chargers. The good news is that you can buy backup batteries to plug into your phone to give you the extra boost you need. It can be the difference between being able to call a taxi to get home and having to walk home at the end of the night with a dead phone. Not fun, and not safe.

Makeup Remover Wipes: There is nothing worse than waking up away from your dorm or apartment with raccoon eyes and last night’s outfit on. Ok, maybe there is one thing that’s worse: waking up away from your dorm or apartment with raccoon eyes and last night’s outfit and then running into your sternest English Lit professor. Eliminate the likelihood of this scenario by always carrying some makeup remover wipes in your bag. These handy helpers will make you look fresh, even if your dress can’t say the same.

Backup shoes: Dancing the night away in a pair of sexy sky-high heels is a great way to make your legs (and booty) look fabulous, but at the end of the night when your toes are blistered, your ankles are sore, and you are tottering around in a late-night diner those heels are a great way to draw negative attention. You look much less Angelina Jolie and much more “Awkward Giraffe.” Always remember to grab a pair of fold-up flats that are specifically designed to sit perfectly in your purse until needed.

A UTI pain reliever: We’ve all been there. Well, maybe not all of us, but at least one in three women have experienced a urinary tract infection. UTIs are certainly not fun and about 60% of women who suffer from them characterize their symptoms as “extreme.” Focusing in college is challenging enough as is, and no girl needs the added stress of a UTI interfering with their work (or play!). Those who are prone to UTI’s know that the rise in between-the-sheets action can lead to an infection. Luckily for us all, AZO Urinary Pain Relief is an over-the-counter product that provides relief from UTI symptoms within the hour. Unlike general pain relievers, AZO goes directly to the source of pain, allowing women to get back to enjoying their college years.

The good news is, I have connections at AZO and I’m ready to share the wealth! I’ve given the Her Campus Bryant editors some AZO Urinary Pain Relief and AZO Cranberry samples to give away. So enjoy this year at school, and remember to keep these essentials on hand for whatever adventures await you.  

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