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There are some great vloggers on YouTube that we love!  These youtubers not only give us great ideas for new styles but also show us some great beauty hacks.  Here are a few we chose from two vlogger’s most popular videos.
Vlogger: Natalies Outlet
Dark circles: use red lipstick as an under eye concealer
Quick clean brushes: just use scotch tape and run your brush over the sticky side
Run out of liquid eyeliner: Use an eyeliner brush and get a little mascara on it, presto you have eyeliner
Clumpy mascara: put the mascara tube in warm water or add some eye drop solution to it
Vlogger: Laura Lee
Curlier eyelashes: heat up your eyelash curler with a hair dryer or over a candle (not for too long so the curler doesn’t get too hot)
Split Ends: twirl your hair into a pony and snip off the splits ends that are noticeable with a hair trimmer 
Sweaty or smelly feet when wearing flats: spray toes with dry shampoo
Keeping your bobby pins in place: spray them with hairspray
Photo credit: youtube.com
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