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Beating The Freshmen 15

First year of college? We’ve all been there so we know just how stressful this time can really be. On top of the workload, thinking about being healthy and not gaining that freshmen 15 just seems like too much. However, eating right is crucial for your body to function properly. Here we’ll give you some tricks of the trade so when walking into our lovely dining hall, you’ll feel prepped and ready to grab a healthy meal.  


We know you’ve heard this line many times but it’s true, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Studies have proven that people who maintain steady weight loss tend to eat breakfast every day! So before running off to that 8am of yours don’t forget to treat your body to a good breakfast, whatever it may be.

Breakfast at Salmo is bomb! If you haven’t yet checked out the omelette line, make sure you do. Eggs are an awesome source of protein and contain loads of vitamins. Instead of getting those pre-made eggs loaded up with cheese, go for an egg or two over medium, or even an egg white omelet with spinach and tomato made for you fresh…your body will thank you for it!

Looking for some fruit to go with that omelet? Just about every day, Salmo has grapefruit readily available near the soups. Grapefruit helps with weight loss and contain a great amount of vitamin C. Now if you don’t have time to wait in the omelette line, go for some toast with peanut butter and bananas to get some whole grains, fruit, and protein.  Oh, and don’t forget to drink a nice glass of water to rev up your metabolism and keep you healthy and hydrated.


This is where things might get a little tricky. Lots of times salmo presents us with meals that are um…well just no good. Let’s start with our classic chicken patty Tuesday. The sandwich itself is 360 calories, not too bad. To make it a little more appetizing and get in more of the main food groups take just the patty and make it a chicken salad, or even better a buffalo chicken salad! Spicy foods speed up the metabolism, and if you really want to get spicy add in some jalapenos! Taco Thursday’s are the most tempting of them all. I mean who doesn’t love a good taco or nachos here and there? Well people this is when we resort to the lovely salad trick to cheat the system. Head over to the salad bar throw some lettuce and other desired veggies and throw on a little bit of beef for protein, some salsa for that kick, and maybe even some olives and cheese. Days where the entrees aren’t presentable look to the sandwich line for a healthy low sodium turkey sandwich or even head over to the soups. Be sure to check the international section, some days they have awesome meals that are low in calories and you can throw in quite the array of veggies.


Usually our dining hall doesn’t have preset dinners so this section varies. However, the sandwich line is just about always open and so is the international. You can check on the website to check out meals day by day. You can also check the nutrition facts for each item listed!

My Fitness Pal:

If this wasn’t enough information for you, download the wonderful app My Fitness Pal and count your calories every day to be sure you’re not eating too much/not enough. Also be sure to hit up our gym at least 3 times a week. Exercising controls your weight, can improve your mood, boost your energy, help fight diseases, promote better sleep, and can just be plain fun! So stop telling yourself that you don’t have time, because you do! Just twenty minutes at least three times a week will get you feeling fit and healthy. Most importantly, don’t resort to skipping out on meals to prevent weight gain. Food is our bodies best friend, so feed your body right and it will thank you in miraculous ways!


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