The Basics of Sorority Gifting

With sorority initiations coming up fast, we are all scrambling to craft for our perfect new members. As a new big, all we want to do is spoil our little and sometimes it’s hard to brainstorm ideas that can be universal if we are in a rush to do the best. Of course you want everything to be the best it can be, because now you have a perfect little one that you want to give the world to. When you are feeling lost on what kind of gifts, crafts, and quotes to shower her with, follow these tips and tricks and you can’t go wrong!


An easy craft to do is wooden sorority letters. Whatever your sorority may be, this is a go to craft. Target or Michael’s should have the wooden letters you need. Paint these your little's favorite color, add some glitters or paper flowers and you have created a masterpiece. These are great for them to hang over their beds or put on their desks.

Canvas crafts are another fun and (somewhat) easy creation. Canvases can always be found at Michaels in all different shapes and sizes. Using Pinterest is a huge help when it comes to thinking of different ideas. Once you have found one you like, it’s easy to change the color scheme and add your own personal touches.


Decorating mugs, wine glasses, or mason jars is also a quick and cheap craft. Getting a plain mug, glass, or jar from the dollar store is the way to go. Using paint pens is super easy when it comes to writing on these smaller and awkward shaped objects. Use cute quotes such as “Wine a little, laugh a lot” or “I don’t give a sip.” Other ideas involve putting “little” on it or just your sorority name.


A homemade picture frame could also be super cute. This is a super cheap and adorable idea that many sororities love to do. Putting a slip of paper in place of a picture and writing a little note is always a good call. Something like “for our first picture” or “a place for memories” creates a warm and homey feeling.


Shirts with your sorority’s letters could be a top favorite for a new member. They probably don’t have that many things that have their sorority name, and you bet that they are going to want to show it off. Designing a shirt could be fun or ordering various ones online from places like Etsy, Campus Connection, Something Greek, or Greek Gear are all great options. These websites allow for many different creations that perfectly fit your little.

Other great options include monogrammed water bottles, gift cards to her favorite restaurants, her favorite foods/candies, jewelry with “little” engraved or your sorority’s name, and just little things that remind you of her. She’ll absolutely love everything she receives because she chose you to be her big and she loves you with all of her heart.

These gifts will be sure to leave her forever grateful and smiling from ear to ear. Happy Formal Recruitment season!