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The Bachelor’s Shocking Season Finale

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor has finally come to an end.  Let us just start by saying that despite how hot he is, that does not even begin to make up for how much of a jerk he turned out to be. On Clare’s last date with Juan Pablo, they had a moment without microphones or cameras and Clare later told the audience that he said something sexually degrading to her. Later, when she tries to have a conversation with Juan Pablo about his comment, he acts like it is no big deal and barely talks while she questions him. Unfortunately, Clare quickly backs down from her argument and goes back to kissing him. They begin discussing their future together, even talking about their wedding and children (which is incredibly rude of Juan Pablo since he did not even end up choosing her). The rest of their date, in Clare and Juan Pablo’s mind, goes very well. Nothing too exciting happened on Nikki’s final date, they had their usual cute moments and things went well for them.

When Clare walks to Juan Pablo in the end, fully expecting to receive the final rose, she is crushed when he sends her home. Despite any dislike you may have had of Clare throughout the show, we all applaud Clare in how she handled leaving. She told him that he was not the man she thought he was.  Just before walking out she even said that she would never want her daughter to have a father like him- you go girl! Juan Pablo did not even walk Clare to the car when she had to leave (every single other bachelor walks the girl he sends home back) and he also said “thank God I didn’t pick her” as she was walking out. Those two things right there show us the kind of guy Juan truly is.  Juan Pablo gives Nikki the final rose, but does not propose. He does not even say “I love you”. The best Nikki gets is “I like you a lot”. Despite the lack of romance in this moment, Nikki accepts the final rose.

The best part was the After the Final Rose special where we got to see the true ass that Juan Pablo really is. Four months after the taping of the show and Juan Pablo STILL has not said “I love you” to Nikki despite the fact that she said it months ago. Based on that alone we’re not sure how Nikki is still with him. Chris Harrison (the host) is bewildered by the status of their relationship and even more by the rude manor that Juan Pablo is acting in. Juan Pablo keeps saying that he wants to keep their relationship private and Shaun (the previous bachelor) chimes in saying that Juan Pablo signed up for a very public show…what did he expect? It concluded with everyone being confused by the status of Nikki and Juan’s relationship and pretty much hating Juan Pablo.

We can’t say we’re that sad that this season is ending since Juan Pablo turned out to be a real jerk, but we have something new to look forward to… Andi! The new season of The Bachelorette starts in May. Chris Harrison made a joke about Juan Pablo’s lack of wanting his new relationship to be public and made sure that Andi knew what she was singing up for. Andi will be the perfect bachelorette because she is smart, funny, feisty, gorgeous, and so much more!