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The Apparel You’d Be Lost Without This Fall

This summer I’ve been soaking up the summer rays in downtown Boston while working at the headquarters of a globally recognized online fashion boutique. My office is always filled with eclectic individuals with style all their own. To say I have a couple style inspirations for fashionable back to school essentials will be a huge understatement! It was incredibly hard to choose from the many trends out there but I managed to put together ten back to school essentials that should definitely have you covered in the fashion department…trust me, you’d be lost without them.  

When you arrive on campus you HAVE to make a fashionable statement…after all isn’t that the fun part about shopping for school?


OK blazers are nothing new, but instead of the standard black or navy blazer try something new. You can throw on a boyfriend blazer in any pastel shade over a tank top and jeans to achieve an effortless stylish outfit for class.



Peplum is definitely one trend that is here to stay. The peplum trend has been around for a while and it was mostly found on dresses but don’t be afraid to try on peplum skirts, tops, and even jumpsuits! The great thing about anything peplum is that it is great for girls with tiny waists and girls with curves. There’s a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ timeless femininity that the peplum styles below (River Island) add to any outfit.


Maxi Skirt/Dresses

Ok remember when gypsy maxi skirts and dresses were in a couple years ago? Well they’re back – except their not quite gypsy skirts. Nowadays, maxi skirts and dresses feature a flowy chiffon material. To turn up the sauciness factor, get one with a thigh high slit to show off those legs. Maxi skirts and dresses elongate any figure and a thigh high slit turns up the heat! If you don’t already own one of these you have to get your hand on one before you head back to Bryant. Go to Jane, River Island, and Forever21 …they have so many different styles to pick from!


Stylish Everyday Bag

As much as we would all love to wake up and look cute every morning, sometimes 8ams (and even 9ams) prove to be a struggle. A stylish bag is one of the best solutions for one of those mornings when your body just won’t budge. Throw all your books and laptop into a cute bag before you rush out of class and you no one will notice that you got ready in 5 minutes. Whether it’s an over the shoulder bag, a satchel, or a rucksack, a great bag from River Island can uplift any outfit. If you don’t want to splurge on a designer bag head on over to River Island or Asos for the bags featured below.


The Classic Trench

If you are familiar with Rhode Island weather you know that winters can be brutal. One staple coat you should have to transition from fall to winter is a classic trench coat. During the fall when temperatures aren’t as cold, you can simply throw it on any outfit and leave it unbuttoned so you don’t get too hot. When winter hits, you can add a cute snood or pashmina scarf and keep warm while still looking cute. Throw a spin on the classic trench and rock a bright color like pink! Check out the one below from Asos.




So when it comes to going out, a cocktail dress or a high waisted skirt are extremely predictable (and sometime overrated). Be daring and rock a jumpsuit! Jumpsuits can be extremely sexy and far more sophisticated than the usual stretch cotton skin tight mini dress or skirt. Asos has so many different jumpsuits in various silhouettes and colors. Try on one for a change and I bet you that with the right accessories and heels, you will be the standout fashionista at any party this year!


Sheer Button-Up Blouses

Sheer button-up blouses are incredibly easy to pair with anything. You should definitely stack up on these chic items because they do a girl good! Wear them with high waisted shorts, skirts, or even jeans and a pair of heels or boots for a night out. Or you can wear them with leggings or jeans to class. They are an easy solution for a stylish outfit. Go Jane, Charlotte Russe, and Forever21 has tons of them in different hues and cut outs.




Sweaters are kind of a no-brainer for back to school essentials. Switch things up and try on sweaters in different colors, stripes, and other fun details. The knitted sweater below, found on Go Jane, features a leopard patch with studs – now that’s definitely a way to jazz up a sweater!


Wedge Sneakers

Sneakers with hidden wedges are one trend that I hope is here to stay! I know not every girl is into sneakers (especially me) – but add a 3inch wedge, rhinestones, bright colors, and glitter – umm I will gladly take one of those, actually make that two or three. I don’t know about you but I barely see girls at townhouses in ‘going out’ outfits and sneakers – but with the arrival of wedge sneakers we can change that. Wedge sneakers can be dressed up or down and that’s the best part about them. I know Karmaloop, Go Jane, Asos, and River Island have an assortment of them.


Cap Toe Heel/Shoes

Shoes are the last thing we put on when we get dressed but they are definitely not the least important! Platform five inch heels are usually the go to for us girls when going out at night or even (unfortunately) for presentations. Recently celebrities who are fashioinstas in their own right like Beyonce, Rihanna, Heidi Klum, and Kim Kardashian have been sporting dainty ladylike court shoes – you know the kind of pumps that most women wear to work every day. Except these pumps have a metallic cap toe. They are as sexy as the usual platforms but more sophisticated, easier to walk in, and very versatile. You can pair them with jeans or a dress for a night out. Or, you can wear them on the day of a presentation to add some much needed fashionable flair to your usual business formal attire.  


So what are you going to wear this school year?  Bryant may not be a fashion institute but us girls on campus know how to dress.  There are so many ways to get all of that above for really cheap…maybe even cheaper than Forever21!  Make sure to check out your local Goodwill stores for some retro, vintage, and even modern clothing for so much less than the dollar value of gas it took to drive to the store.  Where do you go to find the cheapest and fashionable clothes?  I’d love to know!  Leave your comment below and fill me in on your secrets….. 

Happy Shopping!

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