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Andy Scocca

Name:  Andy Scocca   

Graduation Year:  2016

Major/Minor:  Accounting/Legal Studies

Hometown:  Melrose, Ma

On-Campus Activities: Basketball  

 The Details

Describe Yourself in 3 Words:  Sincere, Honest, Mama’s Boy

Any Secret Talents?  Shotgunning beers, baking, and reaching the top shelf

Dream Job:  Superman

Pet Peeves:  My suitemates and being asked how tall I am (6’8’’)

Bucket List:  Visit all fifty states and find a pair of pants that fit



Favorite Thing About Bryant:  My friends

Favorite Show:  How I Met Your Mother

Favorite Place in the World:  Bow Lake, New Hampshire

 Favorite Food:  Gram’s Chicken and Gravy

#1 Most-Played Song on Your iPod:  Tim Mcgraw by Taylor Swift



Celebrity Crush:  Jana Kramer

Your Best Pickup Line:  “You know what they say about big shoes?…”

Perfect Date in 7 Words:  Asleep under the stars in my truck 

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