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Alpha Sigma Alpha’s Sneaker Soiree

This Saturday, October 5th, one of Bryant University’s sororities, Alpha Sigma Alpha, is hosting their first annual Sneaker Soiree here on Bryant’s campus!

To learn a little more about the event and the philanthropy this event supports, Her Campus sat down with Alpha Sigma Alpha President, Allyson McCorison. 

HC: What is a Sneaker Soiree?

AC: Sneaker Soiree is an event that we’re basing off a fundraiser that one of our philanthropy’s, Girls on the Run Rhode Island, hosts. Alpha Sigma Alpha attended the event last year and this is our version of the same fundraiser here on Bryant’s campus. We’re having a dinner and raffle prizes in support of Girls on the Run Rhode Island. 


HC: What are Girls on the Run and what do they do?

AC: Girls on the Run are a running-based program where girls can join different teams with coaches who teach them how to run, but also teach them basic life skills to help empower them and get them ready for life. In November, the organization puts on a Girls on the Run 5k where the young girls show off the skills they’ve learned at the end of the program. There are programs available for girls in 3rd to 5th grade, as well as girls in 6th to 8th grade. 


HC: Why does Alpha Sigma work with Girls on Run?

AC: Girls on the Run are one of our national philanthropies. Since we’re a sorority who tries to empower women through their college life, we like to give back and help build up and empower young girls. Girls on the Run also serve over 700 girls in Rhode Island alone. More than half of these girls will require financial assistance for the programs Girls on the Run puts on. Our monetary donations go straight toward making this program happen for many young girls. 


HC: What has ASA done with Girls on the Run in the past?

AC: Alpha Sigma Alpha has helped cheer on girls running at their annual 5k. We help direct runners, hold up signs and cheer them on throughout the run.  We’ve also volunteered at the Ocean Road 10k helping with the water stations for the runners. There are adults who run at this 10k for Girls on the Run called SoleMates. SoleMates help support the cause by raising money and running their own race. We’ve also attended the Girls on the Run Rhode Island Sneaker Soiree, which was the inspiration for our version of the Sneaker Soiree. 

HC: What is the attire for the event?

AC: The attire for our event is a cocktail party dress code with but with sneakers or running shoes. 


HC: What is the date and time for the event?

AC: The fundraiser will be held on Saturday, October 5th from 5-7 PM in Bello Grande Hall here at Bryant University. 


HC: How can you buy tickets and/or support the cause?

AC: You can use our Crowchange website to buy tickets, or you can just donate through the link as well. Purchasing tickets in advance is not mandatory but it’s highly encouraged. The event is open to both Bryant students and the general public.


Her Campus Bryant would love to see you there to support the cause!

Here is the link to donate or buy tickets. If you have any questions or would like more information you can email Allyson at [email protected]


All photos provided by Alpha Sigma Alpha at Bryant’s Instagram page. 

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