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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Both consumers and companies have changed over from processed, unnatural food to more whole foods in their everyday food habits. Snacks have changed from countless artificial ingredients to being made with only a few ingredients. Why can’t the same change be made for gum? Students especially love chewing gum while they’re studying or on their way to class. Gum is thought to be beneficial to helping you retain information for the next test, but no one really knows what ingredients are in it. Should health-conscious students be making the switch from sugarless gum to a more natural gum? Right now on the market there are different brands that are rated with great reviews by their customers, and we at Her Campus think we should give natural gum a try!

Here is a list of natural gum brands that have very high ratings:

Simply Gum

The variet of flavors that Simply Gum provides stand out. They offer the classic peppermint option and range to Ginger, which is suppose to help with nausea and digestion. They also have the option of “Awaken,” which has 12 mg of caffeine in each piece!

Pur Gum

This gum is made without chemicals and artificial sweeteners.

Purely Trident

Purely Trident gives us a twist on classic gum, containing no artificial color or flavor in it.

Glee Gum

This gum is the creation of a women-owned business and is based in Providence, Rhode Island.

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