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Have you ever dreamt of working in fashion, but you have no idea how to sew or draw? There is still a place in the industry for you! Fashion Forum is an organization that connects students to jobs within the fashion industry that apply to their Bryant degree. A lot of our members are majoring in marketing, supply chain management, and communications. Although, there are many opportunities for all degrees because every company needs a reliable accountant. 

Fashion Forum teaches their members about all the opportunities and different careers in fashion. 

Pre-COVID a lot of the meetings were site visits to local businesses and warehouses to see what it was like behind the scenes. Some of the meetings include fun DIY projects that involve clothes such as making earrings, tie-dying, and painting on jeans. Fashion Forum also has a number of speakers each semester from companies such as, Tiffany & Co., Kate Spade, Target, and small scale e-commerce companies. 

There are many reasons to get involved in Fashion Forum, especially during the COVID season, where it is harder to meet friends on campus. Fashion Forum is very inclusive, eager to meet new members, and open to all fashion styles. Also, the club is a low time commitment with only 2-4 meetings per month. Our members are allowed to only attend meetings that peak their interest, so there is never any pressure to show up. Another reason why you should join is because it is a way to learn about careers and opportunities that you never knew existed and get hands-on experience outside of the classroom. 

If you are interested in joining, Fashion Forum would love to have you! Please DM their Instagram account (@bryant_fashion) your Bryant email address and they will add you to the mailing list. Also, following their Instagram is another great way to stay up to date on upcoming events that they will be hosting. 



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